S Solomon Obiero(In sky blue tshirt) during a training session at the Bull Ring, Kakamega
Why Western Bulls' relegation won't hinder Obiero's dream
By Eric Njiru | Thu 12 Mar, 2020 15:09

Western Bulls may have been relegated but one stand out story from the 2019/20 Kenya Cup was the rise of young coach Solomon Obiero.

Obiero was a player/coach for Western Bulls after Bram Shikanda exited the scene. He tells Raga House he “would like to pursue coaching in the coming days.”

“I can’t say I’m a head coach per say because I have played couple of games. I have been coaching and playing.”

“It’s challenging but we have some guys who have been helping here and there. It’s something we’ve been doing together,” says Obiero.

Obiero, who is one of the Western Bulls pioneers, attended Bungoma High between 2003 and 2006 before playing for Strathmore 2007, MMUST until 2011 and eventually Bulls.

“Coaching is something I thought about years ago but I never had the opportunity. This year and the previous I can say we had the situation at the club that forced me to come in as a coach.”

“From where I am right now it’s something I would like to pursue in future, take the challenge and see how I will progress.”

Western Bulls finished 11th on 13 points to be relegated alongside Kisumu RFC just one season after earning promotion from the Championship.

“We started slow because along the way we had a few wins in the first leg then second leg we had no wins. It was really challenging. Our target was to remain in the Kenya Cup.”

“It’s been challenging in terms of training because a few of our guys find it hard to get here due to funding.”

Western Bulls no longer enjoy the exclusivity of being the only big club to attract good players. The likes of Kabras and MMUST have since established dominance in Western thus giving Bulls a run for their money as Obiero explains.

“In this region we now have teams like Kabras who have good player welfare thus attracting a number of players and MMUST who offer scholarships.”

“Initially we were the only clubs here and used to get players who could not make it to Nairobi but now they have the option of going to Kabras or MMUST.”

“We just need to work hard, attract sponsors and we can be in a position to compete with other teams in Western. Last year we lost a few players to Kisumu after they had they have a sponsor in Silverstone.”

Bulls will compete at the National sevens circuit this summer before starting life in the KRU Championship. 

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