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Why Paarwater is mad at Treu
By Raga House | Tue 23 Apr, 2019 12:03

Former Kenya 7s head coach Paul Treu, who was recently appointed as WP Rugby's Performance and Innovation Manager, has been accused of meddling in the union's team affairs.

Rapport reported on Sunday that the head coach of WP's SuperSport Rugby Challenge team, Jerome Paarwater, and his assistants are unhappy at Treu's apparent interference in their matters.

Paarwater's assistants coaches are Nazeem Adams, Rito Hlungwani, Chris October, Naasier Parker and Elliot Hanabe, while Cassiem Barnes is the team manager.

The report stated that Paarwater and his assistants are believed to be upset at being labelled quota coaches after a media release from the union referred to their respective appointments as 'completely transformed'.

It is alleged Treu is becoming more and more dictatorial when it comes to making decisions regarding the WP team.

The report in the Afrikaans newspaper added that the coaches met with WP Rugby CEO Paul Zacks last week to discuss the issue and accepted his explanation that the reference was a mistake.

When appointed in his new role in March, WP Rugby said Treu would provide support to the union's coaches by applying current and scientific knowledge to the planning and preparation of all teams.

Treu was the subject of much controversy towards the end of 2018 when he accused the Stormers coaching staff, led by head coach Robbie Fleck, of discrimination.

However, an independent review cleared Fleck and the management team of any wrongdoing.

-Report by Sport 24

Raga House
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