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Who is Renalto Borzone?
By Eric Njiru | Mon 20 Nov, 2017 09:15

You may have seen the Italian fly-half play for Impala Saracens in the Impala Floodlit tournament and wonder who he is. 

His name is Renalto Borzone, he´s from Italy and is in Kenya for a three-month internship.

Speaking to Raga House on Saturday after the final where Impala lost to KCB, Borzone says he is enjoying playing for the Kenya Cup side as he looks forward to a couple of matches in the league due to start on Saturday.

“I am from Italy, here for an internship. I joined Impala because of Lameck Dunde who used to play with me in Milan. I find the Impala community very good and welcoming.”

Borzone has played two matches beating Mean Machine in Floodies semis and losing to KCB in the final.

He was named the Man of the Match in the final.

“The two weeks have been good, I am very happy to play here. I am very proud to be named the MVP but gutted for the loss but it’s still a good achievement.”

Impala will take on Mombasa RFC in their Kenya Cup opener on Saturday as Borzone hopes he will be named in the team before he returns to Italy on December 10.

“I am hoping to play a few matches for Impala in the Kenya Cup. The Kenyan teams are surely very physical, the guys are fit and they like to run with the ball and so sometimes it’s hard to defend. They have a strong attack and a strong defence.”

“Italian rugby more is strategy and tactics, here you want to play and run with the ball, it’s more enjoyable, it’s like sevens in fifteens,” said Borzone.

The 24-year old who started rugby when he was 14 adds that, “I have seen like four teams and for sure KCB is the toughest but that’s because we’ve lost to them. They play very physically but also move the ball in the phases.”

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