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Upper Hill, Dagoretti call the tune in Prescott Cup
By Patrick Korir | Sun 02 Jun, 2019 19:35

Newly crowned Blackrock champions Dagoretti High School shot to the top of Prescott Cup pool B after seeing off Ofafa Jericho and Nairobi School in the ended weekend.

On Saturday 1 June Dagoretti beat Ofafa Jericho 46-0 then topped it up with a 12-0 win over Nairobi School at home on Sunday, in a game the visitors walked off.

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The two wins for the promoted side added on to an earlier 27-7 win over Mangu High on Wednesday 22 May to give them command of group B with 14 points.

After the Saturday loss to Dagoretti, Ofafa Jericho hosted Mangu High on Sunday, a game that ended 3-3. The game was their fourth and final in the group stages which places them second to Dagoretti with nine points.

Rift Valley Academy (RVA) is third with eight points after playing just two games with as many more left. Mangu School is fourth with two points as Nairobi School who are winless from three outings take the wooden spoon.

Three-peat champions Upper Hill School affirmed their place atop of pool A with 14 points after knocking out Muhuri Muchiri 38-5 this past Wednesday.

The win added on to previous wins over Alliance (14-0) and Lenana School (38-0). Alliance High School is second to Upper Hill with nine points. Both have a game at hand.

Lenana School comes third with a single win as Strathmore School and Muhuri Muchiri take up positions four and five with no points. Both have two more games to play.

Damu changa

In Damu changa, Upper Hill II and Lenana II are tied atop pool A with nine points.

Unbeaten Ofafa Jericho II leads pool B with 18 points as Mangu High - with a game in hand - comes second with 11 points.

Ofafa II beat their Dagoretti counterparts 15-14 on Saturday and registered a 10-5 win over Mangu High to sail to the top.

Dagoretti II are third with ten points and ahead of Nairobi School II who are fourth with five points. For once in years RVA never provided a Damu Changa team.


Saturday 1 June 2019

Prescott Cup: Ofafa Jericho 0 - 46 Dagoreti

Damu Changa: Ofafa Jericho II 15 - 14 Dagoreti II

Sunday 2 June 2019

Prescott Cup

Dagoreti 12 - 0 Nairobi School

Ofafa Jericho 3 - 3 Mangu High

Damu Changa

Dagoreti II 14 - 5 Nairobi School II

Ofafa Jericho II 10 - 5 Mangu High II

Wed 29 May 2019


Upper Hill 27 Ofafa Jericho 23

Strathmore 26 Alliance High 10

Damu Changa

RVA 0 Ofafa Jericho 24 (w/o)

Strathmore II 26 – 10 Alliance High II

Mon 27 May 2019

Prescott: Upper Hill 38 Muhuri Muchiri 5

Damu Changa: Upper Hill II vs Muhuri Muchiri II

Prescott: RVA 27 Ofafa Jericho 23

Damu Changa: RVA 0 OFafa Jericho 24 (w/o)

Results - Wed 22 May, 2019

Nairobi School 8 RVA 17

Alliance 0 Upper Hill 14

Mangu High 7 Dagoretti High 27

Strathmore 19 Lenana School 31

Damu Changa

Mangu II 22 Dagoretti 0

Strathmore II 5 Lenana II 32

Alliance II 0 Upper Hill II 5

Results - Sat 11 May 2019

Prescott Cup

Alliance 17 - Muhuri Muchiri 5

Lenana 0 Upper Hill 38

Ofafa Jericho 23 - Nairobi School 0

RVA - Mangu-Postponed

Patrick Korir
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