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Two teams knocked out of the league
By Eric Njiru | Wed 13 Nov, 2019 12:17

Two sides have technically been knocked out of the Kenya Rugby Union Nationwide league after missing three matches in a row, Raga House understands.

Former Kenya Cup side Thika RFC, playing in the Central nationwide league, and Western Nationwide side Webuye RFC are out of the league, technically. 

Under KRU rules, a team is knocked out after missing three consecutive matches.

As per the league's standings sent out after match day 3, Thika RFC and Webuye had missed three matches in row leaving them at the bottom of the respective leagues with -6 points each.

Shieywe RFC, based in Western, and Central’s Muranga RFC, were also set to be knocked out of the league but Raga House understands they’ll be able to raise a team for match day four set for Nov 16, 2019. 

Thika were set to play JKUAT Cougars, MKU Thika and Nanyuki Jackals but all matches ended up being walkovers to the opponent.

Webuye RFC on the other side were to play Bungoma RFc, Jaramogi and Maseno. 

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