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Third defeat sends Kenya to Challenge Trophy at Sydney 7s
By Eric Njiru | Sat 02 Feb, 2019 12:03

Kenya 7s suffered three defeats in the opening day of the 2018/19 HSBC World Sevens Series Sydney 7s losing to France, USA and Canada on Saturday. 

Kenya kicked off the day with 24-14 defeat to Canada before going down 41-0 to former Kenya 7s coach Mike Friday’s USA and eventually 40-17 to France in the last pool match. 

They conceded 105 points on day one while scoring 31.

Kenya drops to challenge trophy for a fourth leg in a row to play Wales on Sunday at 3am. France reached their first quarterfinal since 2017 to book New Zealand at 4.38am.

Stephen Parez got France up and running, unleashed by Manuel Dall'igna on the inside as he drew in two Kenyan defenders.

But Kenya hit back instantly, Brian Wahinya stepping inside the French defence and having too much pace to be stopped.

Daniel Taabu held of a kick over the top, and when they had to recycle it was Vincent Onyala with the score. 

However, Parez was too quick as he broke down the left. France converted and lead by two points.

It was a hat-trick for Stephan Parez moments later! He’d barely even spotted by the Kenyan defence as he sliced through it. 

Paulin Riva rapidly weaved his way past three defenders and suddenly France were taking complete control. France haven't made the quarter-finals since Cape Town in 2017 . Parez has another! Four tries in the same match, and France were running the game.

Nisie Huyard received a sublime pass from Stephen Parez, broke through the defensive line and France had their sixth try. 

Kenya got the final say, with Mark Wandetto running around the outside of the defence, but they still went down 40-17. 

Sydney 7s 2019 results
Scotland 7 Spain 10
New Zealand 27 Wales 14
Canada 24 Kenya 14
USA 7 France 0
Australia 14 Argentina 29
South Africa 45 Tonga 5
Samoa 12 England 24
Fiji 29 Japan 5

Scotland 12 Wales 26
New Zealand 41 Spain 0
Canada 12 France 17
USA 41 Kenya 0 
Australia 32 Tonga 0
South Africa 25 Argentina 10
Samoa 17 Japan 21
Fiji 14 England 7  

Spain 21 Wales 5
New Zealand 42 Scotland 0
Kenya 17 France 40
USA 36 Canada 14

Argentina vs Tonga
South Africa vs Australia
England vs Japan
Fiji vs Samoa

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