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Taabu closes in on Wandeto
By Patrick Korir | Fri 31 Aug, 2018 22:19

With 30 tries, Homeboyz revelation Mark Wandeto continues to lead in tries at the close of four of the six-part National Sevens Circuit.

The Homeboyz flyer led in that department with 23 tries after the first three legs at Prinsloo, Sepetuka and Kabeberi Sevens and topped up with seven more at Driftwood sevens that ended at Mombasa on Sunday 26 August to stay ahead of the pack. With 30 tries he tops on points with 150.

But as the circuit heads to Dala for the fifth leg in slightly over a week, Wandeto is being given sleepless nights by Kenya Sevens hopeful Daniel Taabu of Mwamba who is just three points shy of his 150 points at 147.

Six tries and 11 conversions at the Coast in the ended weekend improved Taabu's overall touch downs and extras to 15 and 36, respectively, to move within Wandeto's haul after adding to his 95 points pre-Driftwood with a record 52.  

Taabu is now the lead in conversions, relegating Impala's Mark Kwemoi - with 35 - to second place. 

Ahmed Shaban of KCB who, with 126 points heading to Driftwood, now sits third overall with 143 points after adding just three tries and a conversion to his previous tally of 20 tries and 13 conversions.

Kwemoi sits fourth in the overall table with 125 points, six better than Homeboyz playmaker Johnstone Olindi who managed two tries and seven conversions in Mombasa.

Three tries for KCB'S Jeff Okwach, four for Nakuru's Gramwell Bunyasi at Driftwoods and a good six for Impala's Paul Mutsami made the three conspicous in the overall tries table. 

Seven conversions for Dominic Osino of Kabras at Driftwood makes him one of the best from the tee as it improved his total to 28. 

Summary after 4 of 6 legs

Top points scorers: 1. Mark Wandeto (Homeboyz) – 150, 2. Daniel Taabu (Mwamba) – 147, 3. Ahmed Shaban (KCB) – 144, 4.  Mark Kwemoi (Impala) – 125, 5. Johnstone Olindi (Homeboyz) - 119 

Top try scorers; 1. Mark Wandeto (Homeboyz) – 30, 2. Ahmed Shaban (KCB) – 23, 3. Gramwell Bunyasi (Nakuru) – 17, 4. Daniel Taabu (Mwamba) & Jeff Okwach (KCB) – 15, 5. Paul Mutsami (Impala) - 14

Conversions: 1. Daniel Taabu (Mwamba) – 36, 2.  Mark Kwemoi (Impala) – 35, 3. Dominic Osino (Kabras) – 28, 4. Johnstone Olindi (Homeboyz) - 27, 5. Geoffrey Ominde (Nakuru) - 21

Patrick Korir
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