St. Mary's returns to Prescott Cup
By Patrick Korir | Thu 01 Jan, 1970 03:00

After three years in the cold Mary's School are back in the prestigious Prescott Cup

This is after the ten-time champions were handed a walkover from Jamhuri High who failed to raise a full team for a Damu Pevu final at St. Mary's on Saturday 24 June.

Failing to raise a full team aside, there was controversy as the Jamhuri Hugh's Administration was hell bent at stopping the tie alltogether as their students 'should have been on mid term's. 

That will however not dent the arrival of the Nick Abala coached St. Mary's back to the Prescott for the 2018 season for the first time since year 2014.

For a place in the final that never happened, St. Mary's had beaten an ill disciplined Dagoretti High 18-5 in the semis on Thursday. 

In that game Dagoretti suffered a red card and after the game rounded the centre referee whom they accused of being biased. He had to be protected from being man handled. 

Jamhuri on their part booked their place after receiving a walkover from fancies Moi Forces Academy on Wednesday.

Patrick Korir
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