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Saints ready to host 2019 Blackrock festival
By Raga House | Fri 17 May, 2019 13:02

The 2019 Blackrock Rugby festival happens on Saturday May 18 at the St.Mary’s School from 9am with Ofafa Jericho taking on Langáta.

Ofafa and Lang’ata are joined by Aquinas in pool A as RVA, Ofafa II and Thika High make up pool B. 

Strathmore, Jamhuri and Muvuti Ii are in poolc, Dagoretti, Muvuti and St.Aloysius make up pool D while Upper Hill will take on MFA and Nova in pool E. 

Three-time Blackrock champions Nairobi School return to the Blackrock festival for the first time since 2016 and will take on Mangú and Sunshine in pool H. 

The Nairobi schools are taking a break from the Prescott Cup that kicked off last week.

Ofafa Jericho beat RVA 10-0 in 2018 to win first ever Blackrock title at St. Mary's. 

They lead 5-0 at half time. 

Blackrock Rugby Festival 2019

Pool A: Ofafa, Aquinas, Langáta 

Pool B: RVA, Ofafa II, Thika High 

Pool C: Strathmore, Jamhuri, Muvuti II 

Pool D: Dagoretti, Muvuti, St.Aloysius 

Pool E: Upper Hill, MFA, Nova 

Pool F: Alliance, Saints, Orbit 

Pool G: Lenana, Muhuri Muchiri, Pioneer 

Pool H: Nairobi School, Mangú, Sunshine

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