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Safari 7s: What's happening on Friday?
By Eric Njiru | Wed 07 Nov, 2018 15:05

Safari 7s will kick off on Friday November 9, 2018 at RFUEA Grounds with Girls U19 from 9am. There will also be Veterans tournament at Impala Club from 6pm.

The Girls tournament has attracted 12 teams and will take place on Friday and Sunday. Senior men's competition  alongside Senior Ladies' kicks-off on Saturday at 10am. 

The Ladies teams have been split into four pools of three each with the pool winners advancing to the cup semifinals pegged for Sunday 11 November at the same venue. 

Girls U19 Pools
Pool A: Sure 24, Hidden Talent, Emerging Nanyuki
Pool B: Maono, St. Teresa, Nairobi Combined
Pool C: Huruma, Emerging Talent, Nanyuki Jackals
Pool D: Oiwqk, Nakuru, Comras

Owiqk vs Community Rugby 9am
Huruma vs Nanyuki Jackals 9.20am
Maono vs Nairobi Combine 9.40am
Sure 24 vs Emerging Nanyuki 10am

Nakuru vs Community Rugby 10.20am
Emerging Talent vs Nanyuki Jackals 10.40am
St.Teresa vs Nairobi Combine 11.00am
Hidden Talent vs Emerging Nanyuki 11.20am 

Oiwqk vs Nakuru 11.40am
Huruma vs Emerging Talent 12pm
Maono vs St.Teresa 12.20pm
Sure 24 vs Hidden Talent 12.40pm 

Semis to avoid relegation 1pm
Ranking Semis 1.40pm
Main Cup semis 3.40pm
Ranking 3/4th 4.20pm
Main final 4.40pm

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