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Safari 7s quarters pairing, pool standings
By Eric Njiru | Sat 19 Oct, 2019 18:15

Cup quarters 

South Africa vs KCB 

Shujaa vs Samurai

Seventise vs Morans

Red Wailers vs Russia Academy 


Uganda vs Zimbabwe 

Zambia vs Zastava 

Spain vs Burundi  

Western Province vs Blue Bulls  

Pool A 

South Africa 9

Kenya Morans 7

Uganda 5 

Burundi 3

Pool B 

Red Wailers 7 

Red Wailers 7

Western Province 6 

Zastava 4 

Pool C

Kenya Shujaa 9 

Russia Academy 5

Blue Bulls 5

Zambia 5 

Pool D

Seventise 9 

KCB 7 

Spain 4 

Zimbabwe 3

Safari 7s Fixtures
Uganda vs Morans 10-24
South Africa vs Burundi 61-0
Western Province vs Zastava 19-19
Samurai vs Red Wailers 5-19
Blue Bulls vs Russia Academy 24-24
Shujaa vs Zambia 24-0
Zimbabwe vs Seventise 0-24
Spain vs KCB 7-24

Uganda vs Burundi 33-12
South Africa vs Morans 17-12
Western Province vs Red Wailers 15-12
Samurai vs Zastava 33-14
Blue Bulls vs Zambia 17-22
Shujaa vs Russia Academy 41-0
Zimbabwe vs KCB 12-19
Spain vs Seventise 0-14

Morans vs Burundi 52-0
Zastava vs Red Wailers 12-19
Russia Academy vs Zambia 31-12 
Seventise vs KCB 35-12
South Africa vs Uganda 19-17
Samurai vs Western Province 17-12
Shujaa vs Blue Bulls 19-7
Spain vs Zimbabwe 29-0

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