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Safari 7s: Kenya Lionesses, Lady Cranes set for women's cup final
By Brian Msalame | Sun 11 Nov, 2018 13:02

The Safari Sevens main cup final of the women's category will be contested by Kenya Lionesses and Lady Cranes on Sunday, November 11.

The final precedes the 7th and 8th placing fixture and will follow the playoff final between Emerging Cranes and Kenya Club Select which begins at 3:12 PM.

To reach the final, Lionesses whipped Emerging Cranes 50-0 while Lady Cranes were 12-7 winners over Kenya Club Select thanks to a match winning extra time try in the second women's semi played at midday.

On Saturday, the four ladies teams played each other in a round robin format with the Kenya Lionesses securing victories in all their three matches. Lady Cranes fell in one and won two while Kenya Club Select secured their only victory when they played against Emerging Cranes. The Emerging Cranes were winless in all their fixtures on day two and will hope for a reversal when they take on Kenya Club Select.


Day One

Kenya Lionesses 40 Emerging Cranes 5
Lady Cranes 21 Kenya Club Select 5

Emerging Cranes 5 Kenya Club Select 17
Kenya Lionesses 27 Lady Cranes 0

Lady Cranes 5 Emerging Cranes 17
Kenya Club Select 0 Kenya Lionesses 50

Day Two

Kenya Lionesses 50 Emerging Cranes 0

Lady Cranes 12 Kenya Club Select 7

Brian Msalame
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