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RVA, Ofafa lead Prescott standings
By Eric Njiru | Tue 22 May, 2018 11:49

Ofafa Jericho and Rift Valley Academy(RVA) are on top in the 2018 Homeboyz Prescott Cup standings after two rounds. 

Ofafa leads pool A with eight points after three matches; two wins and one loss. Muhuri Muchiri sits second in pool A with six points after playing two matches and bagging one win. 

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Upper Hill beat Ofafa Jericho 22-13 in their opening tie and sit third with four points while Nairobi School and Strathmore have zero points after playing a single game each.

RVA leads pool B with nine points courtesy of two wins in two matches as Lenana School is the only other team in Pool B with a point as they collected five from their win over Saints. 

Alliance, Mangu and St.Mary's have no point even though Alliance haven't played any match. Mang'u has played one while St.Mary's as played two. 

Prescott Cup returns on Saturday May 26 during the second festival to be held at Lenana School. St.Mary's plays Mang'u, Strathmore is up against Ofafa Jericho, RVA will take on hosts Lenana as Nairobi Schools plays Upper Hill. 

Homeboyz Prescott Cup stanidngs
Pool A
Ofafa Jericho 8
Muhuri Muchiri 6
Upper Hill 4
Nairobi School 0
Strathmore 0 

Pool B
Lenana School 5
Alliance 0
Mangu 0
St.Mary's 0

Saturday May 26, 2018 at Lenana School

St.Mary's vs Mang'u
Strathmore vs Ofafa Jericho
RVA vs Lenana
Nairobi School vs Upper Hill

Results so far

Sunday 20 May

Prescott Cup: Nairobi School 3 Ofafa Jericho 28

Damu Changa: Nairobi School II 0 Ofafa II 05

Saturday 12 May

Prescott Cup

Ofafa 13 Upper 21

RVA 20 Mangu 05
Muhuri Muchiri 41 Strathmore 5 
Lenana 24 Saints 0

Damu Changa

Ofafa II 10 Upper II 5 
Muhuri II 3 Strathmore II 17 
Mangu II 29 RVA II 0 
Lenana II St.Mary's II -postponed 

Saturday 5 May

Prescott Cup: St. Mary's 7 RVA 63

Damu Changa: not played

Sunday 11 March
Prescott Cup:
 Ofafa Jericho 03 Muhuri Muchiri 00

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