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RVA in semis, Saints, Strathmore miss Prescott quarters
By Patrick Korir | Tue 12 Jun, 2018 11:36

Elite schools competition Homeboyz Prescott Cup has entered the knockout following the close of the window to play preliminary games on Saturday 9 June 2018.

The tournament organizers moved with speed after that deadline to award a number of walkovers to the schools that had not honored their games. 

Walkovers in pool B

Upper Hill received a walkover from Muhuri Muchiri in the only pending game in pool A to finish top of the log with 19 points. Also benefiting from walkovers is Alliance High School who end up second in pool B with 13 points, rather interestingly, without playing a single game this year.

Bush handed earlier on handed out a walkover to Rift Valley Academy (RVA) after arriving late at Lenana School for the second festival but have since gained from three walkovers from St. Mary's, Lenana School and Mangu High.

Lenana also gave out a walkover to Mangu High to end up fourth with a single point as two negative two points from the walkovers reduced their overall tally to one. In their two games played they beat St. Mary's 24-0 and lost 31-5 to RVA.

In the match-ups shared to Raga House by the organizing committee, back-to-back Prescott Cup champions Upper Hill School will host Lenana School in the quarters.

RVA beats patch to romp to semis

Unbeaten pool B winners Rift Valley Academy (RVA) booked Nairobi School aka Patch in Kijabe. Nairobi School ended fourth in pool A with five points. The game was played on Saturday 9 June with RVA dispatching their visitors 30-7 to be the first to romp to the semis. 

RVA, coached by Nate Reincheld, led 10-7 at half time before cruising to book their spot in the final four. 2017 Prescott MVP Janrich Volshenk, a flanker, started it with a try that fly half Micah Smith converted for a 7-0 lead. 

Nairobi School tied up at 7-7 with a try from second row Alvin Aluda and conversion from fly haly Spencer Obiero. A Micah Smith penalty after handed RVA the 10-7 advantage at the break. In the second half Volshenk completed his brace before outside centre Ben Adkins and scrum half Benjamin Wagner scored two more that were duly converted by Smith for the elaborate win.

Ofafa to host Mangu on Wed 13 June

Three-time champs Alliance High School will be home to Muhuri Muchiri as Ofafa Jericho face off with Mangu High School. This game has been confirmed for Wednesday 13 June starting 4pm. 

Alliance and Ofafa were placed second in pools B and A with 13 points apiece as Muhuri Muchiri and Mangu were third in pools A and B, correspondingly, each with eight points.

Conspicously missing from the knockouts is 11-time champions St. Mary's School who propped pool B with -2 points. The school won Damu Pevu at the close of last season and were making a return to the PRescott Cup for the first time in three years.

Also out is Strathmore who posted four straight loses to finish fifth and bottom in pool A with a single point. The two will have to fight it out in a playoff from where the winner will stay in Prescott Cup next season while the loser gives way to the school that wins this year's Damu Pevu.

Damu Changa knockouts

In the corresponding Damu Changa - played by junior sides of Prescott Cup sides, last years losing finalists Ofafa II, as winners of pool A with 18 points, will face Lenana II who ended up fourth in pool B with four points. Upper Hill II, the second placed team in pool A has a date with third best side in pool B Alliance II who amassed 13 points.

Pool B table toppers RVA II (14 points) booked pool A's fourth placed side Strathmore II (6 pts) while resigning champions Mangu High II, as second placed team in pool B (13 points) face off with pool A's third placed side Nairobi School II (11 pts).


According to the organizing committee all quarter finals for both Prescott and Damu Changa must be played no later than Saturday 16 June and all semis to be played by Wednesday 27 June. Saturday, 30 June is the new date for the finals earmarked for the RFUEA grounds off Ngong Rd.

Some of the dates picked are due to impending half time breaks that are in the offing as well as provide space for schools to participate in County 7s games. 


Damu Changa quarters

Ofafa Jericho II vs Lenana School II
RVA II vs Strathmore II -Saturday
Mangu High II vs Nairobi School II
Upper Hill II vs Alliance High II -Thursday

Prescott Cup quarters

Upper Hill vs Lenana School
*RVA 30 Nairobi School 7 (played)
Alliance High vs Muhuri Muchiri
Ofafa Jericho vs Mangu High -Wednesday 

Complete results (not in any order of dates played)

Prescott Cup

Pool A

Upper Hill 20 Muhuri Muchiri 0 (walkover)

Nairobi School 3 Ofafa Jericho 28

Muhuri Muchiri 41 Strathmore 5

Strathmore School 5 Ofafa Jericho 23

Upper Hill 22 Nairobi School 0

Strathmore School 15 Nairobi School 18

Ofafa Jericho 3 Muhuri Muchiri 0

Muhuri Muchiri 13 Nairobi School 6

Upper Hill 52 Strathmore School 0

Pool B

RVA 31 Lenana 5

Alliance High 20 Mangu High 0 (walkover)

Rift Valley Academy 20 Alliance High 0 (walkover)

Lenana School 24 St. Mary’s 0

St. Mary’s 0 Alliance High 20 (walkover)

RVA 20 Mangu High 5

Mangu High 36 St. Mary’s 0

Alliance 20 Lenana School 0 (walkover)

Lenana School 0 Mangu High 20 (walkover)

St. Mary’s School 7 RVA 63

Damu Changa

Pool A

Upper II 20 Muhuri Muchiri II 0 (walkover)

Nairobi School II 0 OFafa II 5

Ofafa II 10 Upper II 5

Muhuri Muchiri II 3 Strathmore II 17

Strathmore II 5 Ofafa 10

Upper II 10 Nairobi School II 10

Nairobi School II 18 Strathmore II 17

Ofafa II 20 Muhuri Muchiri II 0 (walkover)

Strathmore II 20 Upper II 34

Pool B

RVA II 10 Lenana II 5

Mangu II 0 Alliance II 20 (walkover)

Alliance II 0 RVA II 20 (walkover)

Lenana II 20 St. Mary's 0 (walkover)

St. Mary's II 0 Alliance II 20 (walkover)

RVA II 0 Mangu II 29

Mangu II 20 St. Mary's 0 (walkover)

Alliance II 20 Lenana II 0 (walkover)

Lenana II 0 Mangu II 20 (walkover)

Patrick Korir
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