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Revised Championship 2018/19 fixtures released
By Eric Njiru | Mon 08 Oct, 2018 14:55

Kenya Rugby Union has revised fixtures for the 2018/19 KRU Championship that kicks-off on Saturday November 17, 2018 to May 18, 2019.

Mombasa RFC host USIU on match day one with South Coast Pirates, Kisii RFC and Western Bulls set to host Egerton, Kisumu and Kitale RFC respectively. 

UoE and Ngong will be away to Masinde Muliro and Catholic Monks respectively. 

From the fixtures released in early July, the Mombasa - USIU, UoE - MMUST,  Ngong - Catholic,  SC Pirates - Egerton ties had all been earmarked for match day four on Saturday 8 December. 

The Western Bulls - Kitale tie remains as it were while while Kisii was to host Kisumu on match day 14 on 23 March 2019. 

The rest of the fixtures denote a near overhaul from what had been released earlier on.  

Kitale RFC and MMUST are the new sides in the championship while Mombasa RFC and Kisii were relegated from the Kenya Cup. 

This season’s competition retains its structure from last season where the 12 teams were grouped into two pools of six, each playing home and away fixtures within their pool and a crossover fixture against sides from the other pool before heading into the post season playoffs.

In the playoffs, the top two teams (Rank 1 and Rank 2) will have earned themselves a direct home semi final. Rank 3 to Rank 6 will face each other in the quarterfinals. Rank 3 v Rank 6 and Rank 4 v Rank 5.

Rank 1 will host the winner of Rank 3 v Rank 6 in the first semi final while Rank 2 hosts winner of Rank 4 v Rank 5 in the second semi final.

Championship fixtures run concurrently to the Kenya Cup and will require 16 match days to conclude all preliminary and crossover games by 4 April 2019.

Top six playoffs will be on 27 April as the two teams to be promoted to the Kenya Cup will be revealed during the semis on 4 May.

The day for the Championship bragging rights by the two promoted teams will be during the final on 11 May

Pool A: USIU, Catholic University, Mombasa RFC, South Coast Pirates, Egerton University and Ngong RFC

Pool B: Western Bulls, Kisumu RFC, Kisii RFC, University of Eldoret (UoE), MMUST, Kitale RFC.

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Match Day 1
Saturday 17 November 2018
Mombasa v USIU
Catholic Monks v Ngong
SC Pirates v Egerton
Resolution Kisii v Kisumu
Western Bulls v Kitale
Masinde Muliro v UoE

Match Day 2
Saturday 24 November 2018
SC Pirates v Resolution Kisii
Egerton v Western Bulls
Ngong v Kisumu
MMUST v Mombasa
Catholic Monks v UoE
Kitale v USIU

Match Day 3
Saturday 1 December 2018
Mombasa v Ngong
Catholic v SC Pirates
USIU v Egerton
Resolution Kisii v Kitale
Western Bulls v MMUST
Kisumu v UoE

Match Day 4
Saturday 8 December 2018
SC Pirates v Mombasa
Egerton  v Catholic Monks
Ngong v USIU
MMUST v Kisii
UoE v Western Bulls
Kitale v Kisumu

Match Day 5
Saturday 15 December 2018
Mombasa v Egerton
Catholic Monks v USIU
SC Pirates v Ngong
Resolution Kisii v UoE
Western Bulls v Kisumu
MMUST v Kitale


Match Day 6
Saturday 12 January 2019
USIU v Mombasa
Ngong v Catholic Monks
Egerton v SC Pirates
Kisumu v Resolution Kisii
Kitale v Western Bulls

Match Day 7
Saturday 19 January 2019
Mombasa v UoE
Catholic Monks v Kisumu
SC Pirates v Kitale
Resolution Kisii v Egerton
Western Bulls v USIU
MMUST v Ngong

Match Day 8
Saturday 26 January 2019
Mombasa v Catholic Monks
SC Pirates v USIU
Egerton v Ngong
Resolution Kisii v Western Bulls
MMUST v Kisumu
UoE v Kitale

Enterprise Cup First Round
Saturday 2 February 2019

Match Day 9
Saturday 9 February 2019
Egerton v Mombasa
USIU v Catholic Monks
Ngong v SC Pirates
UoE v Resolution Kisii
Kisumu v Western Bulls
Kitale v MMUST

Match Day 10 
Saturday 16 February 2019
Mombasa v Western Bulls
Kisumu v SC Pirates
Egerton v Kitale
Resolution Kisii v Catholic Monks
UoE v Ngong

Match Day 11
Saturday 23 February 2019
Catholic Monks v Mombasa
USIU v SC Pirates
Ngong v Egerton
Western Bulls v Resolution Kisii
Kisumu v MMUST
Kitale v UoE

Match Day 12
Saturday 2 March 2019
USIU v Resolution Kisii
Ngong v Western Bulls
Egerton v MMUST
Kisumu v Mombasa
Kitale v Catholic Monks
UoE v SC Pirates

Enterprise Cup Quarters
Saturday 9 March 2019

Match Day 13
Saturday 16 March 2019
Kitale v Mombasa
Catholic Monks v MMUST
Resolution Kisii v Ngong
Western Bulls v SC Pirates
Kisumu v Egerton

Match Day 14
Saturday 23 March 2019
Ngong v Mombasa
SC Pirates v Catholic Monks
Egerton vs USIU
Kitale v Resolution Kisii
MMUST v Western Bulls
UoE v Kisumu

Match Day 15
Saturday 30 March 2019
Mombasa v SC Pirates
Catholic Monks v Egerton
USIU v Ngong
Resolution Kisii v MMUST
Western Bulls v UoE
Kisumu v Kitale

Match Day 16
Saturday 6 April 2019
Mombasa v Kisii
Western Bulls v Catholic Monks
USIU v Kisumu
UoE v Egerton
SC Pirates v MMUST
Ngong v Kitale

Enterprise Cup Semis
Saturday 13 April 2019

Great Rift 10s
Saturday 20 April 2019

Championship Top 6 Playoffs
Saturday 27 April 2019

Championship Semis
Saturday 4 May 2019

Championship Final
Saturday 11 May 2019

Enterprise Cup Final
Saturday 18 May 2019

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