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Repechage: Hong Kong vs Germany team news
By Brian Msalame | Sun 11 Nov, 2018 11:15

Hong Kong and Germany have released their respective teams for the opening match of the Rugby World Cup 2019 repechage in Marseille, France, (kick-off at 6pm EAT) on Sunday, 11 November. 

The two teams will clash after Kenya and Canada have faced each other in an afternoon curtain raiser (kick-off 1pm EAT). With a one in four chance of reaching an historic first fifteen-a-side world championship, it is a momentous occasion for Hong Kong Rugby.

“It is the biggest tournament in our history without a doubt,” said Dai Rees, Chief Rugby Operations Officer at the HKRU.

Ranked 29th in the world, eight spots behind Hong Kong, Germany’s last international was in summer, losing a home and away series to Samoa to route to the repechage.   

Hong Kong coach Leigh Jones, is expecting his opponents to bring the basics, but it’s the extras that cause concern, saying, “I think we’ll see a structured game. That’s what we know about Germany traditionally, but the unknown variable is Mike Ford.

Jones won’t be drawn on the occasion, insisting that it is all about performing on that stage.

“We don't get bogged down in how big the game is, we can’t be mindful of that. We’ll let others talk about the magnitude. We know. The players know. We just focus on being as good as we can be.”

Hong Kong - 1. Dan BARLOW, 2. Dayne JANS, 3. Grant KEMP, 4. James CUNNINGHAM ©, 5. Jack DELAFORCE, 6. Mike PARFITT, 7. Mike COVERDALE, 8. Thomas LAMBOLEY, 9. Liam SLATEM, 10. Matt ROSSLEE, 11. YIU Kam-Shing, Salom 12. Max WOODWARD, 13. Tyler SPITZ, 14. Conor HARTLEY, 15. Casey STONE. 

Replacements 16. Ben ROBERTS, 17. Jack PARFITT, 18. Ben HIGGINS, 19. Finn FIELD, 20. Kane BOUCAUT, 21. Bryn PHILLIPS, 22. Jamie HOOD, 23. Lewis WARNER

Germany - 1. Julius Nostadt 2. Kurt Haupt 3. Sammy Fuschel 4. Michael Poppmeier 5. Eric Marks 6. Sebastian Ferreira 7. Jaco Otto 8. Jarrid Els 9. Sean Armstrong 10. Raynor Parkinson 11. Mathieu Ducau 12. Jamie Murphy 13. Wynston Cameron-Dow 14. Marcel Coetzee 15. Chris Hislenbeck

Repechage Appointment
Sunday Nov 11, 2018

Canada vs Kenya 
Ref- Wayne Barnes(RFU) 
Citing- Buster White(England) 
Judicial Chair- Jean Noel Couraud(FRA)

Hong Kong vs Germany 
Ref- Pascal Gauezere(FFR) 
Citing- Patrice Frantschi(Fra)
Judicial- Jean Noel Coyraud(FRA)

Additional material derived from hkrugby.com

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Brian Msalame
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