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Prinsloo 7s: Nakuru books Impala in Cup quarters
By Patrick Korir | Sat 21 Jul, 2018 18:17

Home teams Nakuru RfC and Menengai Oilers excited the home fans as they stayed unbeaten on day one of Prinsloo Sevens on Saturday at the Nakuru Athletics Cub.

After seeing of Catholic Monks 36-0 in game one, Oilers went to beat Mombasa 31-7 in the next round before putting a 24-19 stop to Impala in the pool C decider. 

Nakuru had a similar run of three-in-three after seeing off champions KCB 24-19 in the final game of the day. Nakuru started out with a 24-7 win over Nondies then added a 19-5 win over Webuye.

Harlequins were part of the unbeaten club on day one as they recovered from a surprise 12-12 draw with Blak Blad in their first game to narrowly edge Kisumu 10-5 before grabbing a 21-14 win over fancied Homeboyz. 

After a massive 43-14 win over Strathmore Leos in game two, Mean Machine looked good for a place in the Cup quarters till final play put paid to their chances as they went down 14-7 to Mwamba in the final game. 

They had narrowly lost 12-10 to Kabras in game one and will accompany Leos - 26-17 losers to Mwamba in their opener, down to the challenge trophy quarters. 

For the Cup quarters Nakuru has a date with Impala as Oilers face KCB. Kabras will start it off with 'siblings' Homeboyz as Harlequins square it out with Mwamba.

In the Challenge Trophy, Machine takes on Blak Blad as Nondies, Kisumu and Monks booked Mombasa, Leos and Webuye, in that order. 

Quarterfinal pairing

Challenge Trophy

9:00 Mean Machine Vs Blak Blad

9:20 Nondies Vs Mombasa

9:40 Kisumu Vs Strathmore Leos

9:40 Catholic Monks Vs Webuye


10:20 Kabras Vs Homeboyz

10:40 Nakuru Vs Impala

11:00 Harlequins Vs Mwamba

11:20 Menengai Oilers Vs KCB 

Day 1 Results

Round 1

Menengai Oilers 36 Catholic Monks 0

Impala Saracens 40 Mombasa RFC 7

Harlequins 12 Blak Blad 12

Homeboyz 30 Kisumu 5

Mwamba 26 Strathmore 17

Kabras 12 Mean Machine 10

Nakuru RFC 24 Nondies 7

KCB 36 Webuye 0 

Round 2

Menengai Oilers 31 Mombasa 7

Impala 40 Catholic Monks 0

Harlequins 10 Kisumu 5

Homeboyz 26 Blak Blad 0

Strathmore Leos 14 Mean Machine 43

Kabras 17 Mwamba 7

Nakuru RFC 19 Webuye 5

KCB 31 Nondies 14

Round 3

Catholic Monks 17 Mombasa 14

Impala 19 Menengai Oilers 24

Blak Blad 7 Kisumu 21

Homeboyz 14 Harlequins 21

Mwamba 14 Mean Machine 7

Kabras 14 Strathmore Leos 19

Nondies 24 Webuye 5

KCB 19 Nakuru 24

Patrick Korir
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