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Prescott Cup, Damu Pevu and Damu Changa fixtures
By Eric Njiru | Mon 07 May, 2018 15:00

The committee managing the 2018 elite schools competition Prescott Cup as well as its second and third tiers - Damu Pevu and Damu Pevu II have announced fixtures for the season. 

Up to 30 schools will take part in the competition this year; ten each in Prescott Cup, Damu Pevu and in the newly introduced Damu Pevu II. 1,000 players, or thereabout, will take part across the three tiers with 110 games expected to take place. 

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Action has already kicked off in the Prescott Cup as returning St. Mary's hosted Rift Valley Academy (RVA) on Saturday, a game they went on to lose 63-7. That game had initially been planed for 2 June. 

The fixtures are hybrid where schools will host select games while the rest will all be congregated at a venue in what has been termed a festival. Up to 16 games across the three tiers will be played on such days. 

Dates set aside for the festival are 12 May at Nairobi School, 26 May at Lenana School and on 2 June at a venue yet to be confirmed. 

St. Mary's to host finals once again

From the fixtures four Prescott Cup games are in the offing on Wednesday 9 May. RVA and Alliance High will host Lenana School and Mangu, respectively, as reigning champions Upper Hill host fast rising Muhuri Muchiri. Nairobi School will be home to Ofafa Jericho.

The fourth game day other than the aforementioned is Wednesday 30 May. 

From the groups, only the bottom placed schools - who will be forced to go into a survival fight, will miss out on the quarters, to be played at the host venue between June 3 and 15. Winning teams from that stage will proceed to the semis set for 16 June tentatively at RVA. The final will, for a fourth straight year, be held at St. Mary's. 

Complete 2018 Prescott Cup, Damu Pevu & Damu Pevu II, Damu Changa fixtures

Homeboyz Prescott Cup
Pool A: Upper Hiil, Nairobi School, Ofafa Jericho, Muhuri Muchiri, Strathmore
Pool B: RVA, Alliance, Mangu, Lenana, St.Mary's 

Damu Changa
Pool A: Upper Hill II, Nairobi School II, Ofafa Jericho II, Muhuru Muchiri II, Strathmore II
Pool B: RVA II, Alliance II, Mangu II, Lenana II, St.Mary's II 

Damu Pevu
Pool A:
Thika High, Pioneer, Kiambu High, Jamhuri, Githiga
Pool B: MFA, Aquinas, Dagoretti, Sunshine, Highway 

Damu Pevu II
Pool A:
Langata High, Uhuru Sec, Kahuho, Nova Pioneer, Garden Estate
Pool B: Laiser Hill, Ushirika, Orbit School, Light Academy, Kangemi Sec

Fixtures Wednesday May 9, 2018 

RVA vs Lenana
Alliance vs Mangu
Upper Hill vs Muhuri Muchiri
Nairobi School vs Ofafa Jericho 

Saturday May 12, First Festival(Nairobi School)
Kiambu High vs Thika
Dagoretti vs Aquinas 
Kahuho vs Langata High
Orbit School vs Laiser Hill

Jamhuri vs Githiga
Sunshine vs Highway 
Nova Pioneer vs Garden Estate
Light Academy vs Kangemi Secondary

Ofafa Jericho vs Upper Hill
Mangu vs RVA
Ofafa II vs Upper II
Mangu II vs RVA II 

Muhuri Muchiri vs Strathmore
Lenana vs St.Mary's
Muhuri II vs Strathmore II
Lenana II vs St.Mary's II 

Saturday May 26, Second Festival(Lenana School)
MFA vs Aquinas
Githiga vs Kiambu
Langata vs Uhuru Sec
Upper II vs Nairobi School II 

Highway vs Dagoretti
Thika High vs Pioneer
Garden Estate vs Kahuho
Strathmore iI vs Ofafa II 

Upper Hill vs Nairobi School
RVA vs Alliance
Laiser vs Ushirika
RVA II vs Alliance II 

Strathmore vs Ofafa Jericho
St.Mary's vs Mangu
Kangemi vs Orbit School
St.Mary's II vs Mangu II 

May 30
Homeboyz Prescott Cup
Alliance vs St.Mary's
Mangu vs Lenana
Nairobi School vs Strathmore
Ofafa Jericho vs Muhuri Muchiri 

Damu Changa
Alliance II vs St.Mary's II
Mangu II vs Lenana II
Nairobi II vs Strathmore II
Ofafa II vs Muhuri II 

Damu Pevu 1
Aquinas vs Highway
Dagoretti vs Sunshine
Pioneer vs Githiga
Kiambu High vs Jamhuri High 

Damu Pevu II
Uhuru sec vs Garden Estate
Kahuho Sec vs Nova Pioneer
Ushirika vs Kangemi Secondary
Orbit vs Light Academy 

June 2, third Festival(Venue TBC)
Githiga vs Thika High
Sunshine vs MFA
Garden Estate vs Langata High
Kangemi Sec vs Laiser Hill 

Jamhuri vs Pioneer
Langata vs RVA
Nova Pioneer vs Uhuru Secondary
Light Academy vs Ushirika 

Strathmore vs Upper Hill
St.Mary's vs RVA
St.Mary's II vs RVA II
Strathmore II vs Upper Hill II 

Muhuri Muchiri vs Nairobi School
Lenana vs Alliance
Lenana II vs Alliance II
Muhuri II vs Nairobi School II 

Quarters, to be played at the host venue between June 3 and 15
Semifinals, June 16, 2018 at RVA, fourth festival 

Final, 23rd June, St.Mary's School  

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