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Pool C all ready for Prinsloo 7s
By Eric Njiru | Fri 16 Aug, 2019 12:14

Erick Kerre and Daniel Dindi return to the Impala Saracens side to do duty at this weekend's fourth leg of the Stanbic 7s, Prinsloo 7s at Nakuru Athletics Club. 

Both Kerre and Dindi missed Dala 7s on tactical issues but head coach Oscar Osir restores the duo as he targets a cup win in Nakuru. They reached the cup final in 2016 losing 21-14 to Homeboyz. 

Others named bu Osir include Jerremy Griffin, Samson Onsomu, Billy Omondi, Timothy Makiya and Israel Soi. Elkeans Musonye is out with Elvis Oroko taking up the position.

Impala is in pool C with Nondies, Western Bulls and Strathmore Leos. 

Nondies will be without Benjamin Marshall and James Evans who have school and work commitment according to team manager Kevin Were.

Ian Mabwa captains the Red Lion with the rest of the squad featuring Brian Amaitsa, Fidel Oloo, Mark Ongayo, Steve Odhiambo, Moses Begi, Alex Magoma, Daniel Okito and Steven Ortice among others. 

Strathmore Leos were relegated after Dala 7s but managed to secure an invitation to Prinsloo 7s. The goal now is to remain in the top tier going to the last two legs of the season.

Wiseman Aganya will be joined by Philemon Odero, Lucas Opal, Alex Maina, Cecil Otieno, Philemon Olang, Gideon Makumi and Walter Omanyo among others. 

Impala Saracens:
1.Samuel Motari 2.Ismail Mokaya 3.Elvis Oroko 4.Robin Kiplang'at 5.Mark Kwemoi 6.Israel Soi 7.Timothy Makiya 8.Jeremy Griffin 9.Samson Onsomu 10.Eric Kerre 11.Daniel Dindi 12.Billy Omondi 13.Sammy Kimakwa

1.Brian Amaitsa 2.Fidel Oloo 3.Mark Ongayo 4.Steve Odhiambo 5.Henry Fullbright 6.Saidi Sumba 7.Ian Mabwa 8.Moses Begi 9.Alex Magoma 10.Peter Makuba 11.Jeremy Matata 12.Daniel Okito 13.Steven Ortice 

Strathmore Leos:
1.Wiseman Aganya 2.Philemon Odero 3.Barnabas Owuor 4.Muli Samuel 5.Lucas Opal 6.Alex Maina 7.Tom Maina 8.Cecil Otieno 9.Philemon Olang 10.Brian Alukwe 11.Gideon Makumi 12.Richard Omedo 13.Walter Omanyo 14.Dennis

10.20am Nondies vs Western Bulls 
10.40am Impala Saracens vs Strathmore Leos

1.10pm Nondies vs Strathmore Leos
1.30pm Impala Saracens vs Western Bulls

4.00pm Western Bulls vs Strathmore Leos
4.20pm Impala Saracens vs Nondies

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