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Number of stakeholders required to deliver a rugby match without fans
By Eric Njiru | Thu 07 May, 2020 11:33

World Rugby has published guidelines for the safe return to rugby activities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic via its player welfare website at playerwelfare.worldrugby.org/covid-19

Developed by medical experts following consultation with union chief medical officers, competition owners and players, the guidelines are intended to assist unions, clubs and competitions in creating a framework and policy for return to rugby activity within their respective jurisdictions. 

The 29-page World Rugby guidelines are merely intended to assist unions, clubs and competitions in creating a framework and policy for return-to-rugby activity within their respective jurisdictions. 

Unions and competition owners will need to comply with local laws and policies implemented by government or local authorities in relation to Covid-19, including social distancing and travel measures.

No sort of Sports gathering is allowed in Kenya as of May 7, 2020. 

World Rugby suggests that 174 people are required for a televised rugby match to be played without crowd.

Home team players: 15

Visiting team players: 15

Home team substitutes and bench support: 11

Visiting team substitutes and bench support: 11

Home team travelling reserves: 3

Visiting team travelling reserves: 3

Home team roving doctor: 1

Visiting team roving doctor: 1

Home team roving physiotherapist: 1

Visiting team roving physiotherapist: 1

Home team technical box (water carriers): 2

Visiting team technical box (water carriers): 2

Home team coaches box: 5

Visiting team coaches box: 5

Match day doctor: 1

Immediate care lead: 1

Medical room video viewer: 1

Paramedics: 6

Other medical specialists: 2

Medical room video operator: 1

Security guards: 4

Referee: 1

Assistant referee: 2

Side-line referees, time keeper, statistics and communications: 7

Television match official: 1

Citing commissioner: 1

Ball team and ball team supervisor: 7

Match manager: 1

Match director: 1

Administration: 10

Broadcaster pitch-side crew (cameramen, line runners & floor manager): 20

Commentators: 6

Outside broadcasting van: 15

Stadium operations: 8

Big screen and PA announcer: 2


-Additional reporting by World Rugby and Sport 24 SA

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