Nakuru 10s Div II pools
By Eric Njiru | Wed 28 Mar, 2018 14:09

Championship side USIU will play Busia, Webuye and Molo in the second division of the Great Rift 10-aside set for the easter weekend in Nakuru. 

Hosts Nakuru RFC have released the pooling for the Nakuru 10s with 16 team set to compete in division II from Saturday. 

Another championship, Catholic Monks, is seeded second to play Brumbies, Dagoretti and UoE as KCA joins Nakuru Kiti, TUK and Egerton in pool G. 

Pool H has Kenya School of Law, Nakuru II, nationwide side Northern Suburbs and Muranga.

Laikipia University and Comras are named as stand by teams. The first match at 9am will be between USIU Webuye before Busia takes on Molo RFC.

Division 2
Pool E: USIU, Busia, Webuye, Molo
Pool F: CUEA, Brumbies, Dagoretti, UoE
Pool G: KCA, Nakuru Kiti, TUK, Egerton
Pool H: Kenya School of Law, Nakuru II, Northern Suburbs, Muranga 

Nakuru 10s Div II fixtures
9:00    B    USIU    vs    WEBUYE
9:22    B    BUSIA     vs    MOLO
9:44    B    CUEA    vs    DAGORETTI BULLDOGS
10:06    B    BRUMBIES    vs    UOE
10:28    B    KCA    vs    TUK
10:50    B    NAKURU KITI    vs    EGERTON
11:12    B    KENYA SCHOOL OF LAW    vs    MURANGA
11:34    B    NOTHERN SUBURBS    vs    NAKURU II 

11:56    B    USIU    vs    MOLO
12:18    B    BUSIA     vs    WEBUYE
12:40    B    CUEA    vs    UOE
13:24    B    KCA    vs    EGERTON
13:46    B    NAKURU KITI    vs    TUK
14:08    B    KENYA SCHOOL OF LAW    vs    NAKURU II
14:30    B    NOTHERN SUBURBS    vs    MURANGA 

14:52    B    WEBUYE    vs    MOLO
15:14    B    DAGORETTI BULLDOGS    vs    UOE
15:36    B    TUK    vs    EGERTON
15:58    B    MURANGA    vs    NAKURU II
16:20    B    USIU    vs    BUSIA
16:42    B    CUEA    vs    BRUMBIES
17:04    B    KCA    vs    NAKURU KITI
17:26    B    NAKURU II    vs    MURANGA

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