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KRU 's statement on rape allegations
By Raga House | Mon 02 Apr, 2018 13:53

The Kenya Rugby Union has moved to release a statement regarding reports of alleged sexual misconduct of a contracted Kenya Sevens player.. 

The player, alongside his friend, were over the weekend accused by musician named 'Kemunto' of rape in her house a while back. 

The KRU, through a statement on Monday afternoon, said "the matter will be reviewed as soon as practicable by the KRU, in line with existing procedures for all contracted players." 

"It is also important to note that with a report having been made to law enforcement authorities, the KRU cannot comment further about the allegations pending the outcome of investigations."

"KRU wishes to state that it does not condone sexual harassment or any other activity that goes against the spirit of World Rugby regulation 20 and remains committed to continued respect, empowerment and increased participation of women in all aspects of the sport of rugby."

Raga House understands that Wanyama has already initiated legal proceedings against the said Musician for defamation and extortion.

Kemunto, on her Instagram page, says: '

On 10th February 2018(my birthday) I was raped by two men. The events of that night are very vivid in my head.. and these two men took advantage of me and in my state. they raped me the whole night and I was sleeping in and out of consciousness maybe due to shock but I was helpless. I couldn't fight the two men who play rugby professionally. 

Obviously they were stronger... hence I let them do whatever they wanted to do the whole night. I'm the middle of the night they let me have a 'break' by going to the bathroom and I just remember crying and knowing that I was completely and utterly helpless.. i went back out and they continued...in the morning I tries to sneak out but one of the guys woke up in time and continued to do whatever they wanted..I just let him..

I had given up at that point...I was confused I was scared I was in shock.. I called a friend who luckily sent a cab and he took me to hospital.. I could have reported the case to police that day but I was in denial, shock, pain and exhausted! I didn't want to report also because of the profile of one of this rugby players..so I kept quiet because I couldn't face what happened to me.. and tried going about my life like nothing happened.. but I was wrong.. ..more than a month later.. i found out i am pregnant from the ordeal guys. Pregnant not by choice but by RAPE.. 

reporting a case now will not have any impact because the way the system is set up mostly helps the rapist NEVER the victim.. ..the main man who actually studies law and knows by now even if I report him he is still going to get away with it is Frank Wanyama,, A rugby player.. who plays for Harlequins and was also in my former Uni.. Strathmore.. ..

I tried reaching out to Frank to take responsibility for his actions..as I don't know his other friend.. and I wouldn't know who the father to this child is.. I wouldn't.. I even threatened him to go public but he told me to hit the road and look for a lawyer..

Raga House
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