Kimani: Players have to operate at optimum
By Eric Njiru | Tue 21 Nov, 2017 10:51

Kenya Sevens strength and conditioning coach Geoffrey Kimani is looking to keep the players at optimum at the 2017/2018 World Sevens Series that starts on December 1 with Dubai 7s.

Speaking during Tuesday’s training session at RFUEA that was open to the media, Kimani says he’s looking to have a squad to go through the season, Commonwealth Games and World Cup Sevens.

“Definitely we have 12 tournaments in terms of planning this is what we call a double period year we have to pick for the World Series, pick for the Commonwealth and pick for the World Cup.”

“What really works here is you have to a good squad that you can rely on, we’ve settled on 20 players so the key concern is to make sure all the key players operate at optimum and we rotate them around the series.”

In the 20-man squad, there are new young players in the likes of Menengai Oilers duo of Sam Muiregi and Harold Anduvate who are seeking to make their debut this season.

“We have an exciting mix of kids from Oilers I think they have made the team, it’s looking good for Kenya going forward, from the S&C seat we can see it’s kids who have been taken through the proper  progressions so it makes our work easier.”

Kimani returns to the team after a year out. He was part of the team that won the 2016 Singapore 7s as well as the team to Rio Olympics.  

“It was just a season, its players I have worked with in the previous seasons so it was a matter of picking up where we left and maybe looking at small issues we had during the previous season like weaknesses imbalances and just moving forward.”

Kenya Sevens gets to action on December 1, 2017, during the Dubai 7s as Kimani says the tournament will give a clear picture of where they are.

“First tournament is always to know where you are, we’ve been lucky to go to Safland with a fairly young squad and we were lucky for the first time to win.”

“However much you plan it’s the first tournament that gives you a bearing of where you are from the first tournament then you can plan going forward but of course we are not going to Dubai saying we just want to make the numbers, we want to go through to quarters and start from the quarters,” added Kimani.

At Dubai 7s, Kenya 7s will play World Sevens Series reigning champions, South Africa, Singapore 7s champions Canada and Africa 7s champions Uganda.

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