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Kenya Cup return date confirmed by KRU
By Raga House | Tue 19 Jan, 2021 09:02

Kenya Rugby Union on Tuesday announced following clearance from the Ministry of Sport, Culture and Heritage, the 2021 Kenya Cup season will kick off on Saturday 27 February 2021 and will run for 11 match days with the top four teams qualifying for the semi-finals on Saturday 22 May. 

The winners of the semi-final encounters will play in the Kenya Cup final on Saturday 29 May.

The season will first be preceded by the Kenya Cup qualifiers involving the top six teams from the 2019/20 KRU Championship. These qualifiers will be played on Saturday 6 February and Saturday 13 February respectively.

This will then pave way for a league curtain-raiser pitting the current holders of the Kenya Cup against the current Enterprise Cup champions. This encounter will be played on Saturday 20 February.

All fixtures will be played in adherence to existing COVID19 protocols with no spectators in attendance.

Download the 2021 Kenya Cup fixtures HERE

Saturday, Feb 6, 2021
Kenya Cup qualifiers 1

G1- Mean Machine vs Egerton Wasps
G-2 USIU vs Northern Suburbs

Saturday, Feb 13, 2021
Kenya Cup qualifiers 2
Strathmore Leos vs G1 winner
MMUST vs G2 winner 

Saturday, Feb 20, 2021
Charity Cup

KCB vs Kabras Sugar

27 February
Kabras Sugar v Promoted Team B
KCB v Promoted Team A
Homeboyz v Nondescript
Impala Saracens v Kenya Harlequin
Mwamba v Blak Blad
Menengai Oilers v Nakuru

6 March
Menengai Oilers v Promoted Team B
Nakuru v Mwamba
Blak Blad v Impala Saracens
Kenya Harlequin v Homeboyz
Nondescript v KCB
Promoted Team A v Kabras Sugar

13 March
Promoted Team B v Promoted Team A
Kabras Sugar v Nondescript
KCB v Kenya Harlequin
Homeboyz v Blak Blad
Impala Saracens v Nakuru
Mwamba v Menengai Oilers

20 March
Mwamba v Promoted Team B
Menengai Oilers v Impala Saracens
Nakuru v Homeboyz
Blak Blad v KCB
Kenya Harlequin v Kabras Sugar
Nondescript v Promoted Team A

27 March
Promoted Team B v Nondescript
Promoted Team A v Kenya Harlequin
Kabras Sugar v Blak Blad
KCB v Nakuru
Homeboyz v Menengai Oilers
Impala Saracens v Mwamba

3 April 
Impala Saracens v Promoted Team B
Mwamba v Homeboyz
Menengai Oilers v KCB
Nakuru v Kabras Sugar
Blak Blad v Promoted Team A
Kenya Harlequin v Nondescript

10 April
Promoted Team A v Kenya Harlequin
Nondescript v Blak Blad
Promoted Team A v Nakuru
Kabras Sugar v Menengai Oilers
KCB v Mwamba
Homeboyz v Impala Saracens

17 April
Homeboyz v Promoted Team B
Impala Saracens v KCB
Mwamba v Kabras Sugar
Menengai Oilers v Promoted Team A
Nakuru v Nondescript
Blak Blad v Kenya Harlequin

24 April
Promoted Team B v Blak Blad
Kenya Harlequin v Nakuru
Nondescript v Menengai Oilers
Promoted Team A v Mwamba
Kabras Sugar v Impala Saracens
KCB v Homeboyz

1 May
KCB v Promoted Team B
Homeboyz v Kabras Sugar
Impala Saracens v Promoted Team A
Mwamba v Nondescript
Menengai Oilers v Kenya Harlequin
Nakuru v Blak Blad

8 May
Promoted Team B v Nakuru
Blak Blad v Menengai Oilers
Kenya Harlequin v Mwamba
Nondescript v Impala Saracens
Promoted Team A v Homeboyz
Kabras Sugar v KCB

22 May
Rank 1 v Rank 4
Rank 2 v Rank 3

29 May
Kenya Cup Final

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