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Kenya 7s' preps for London, Paris 7s in top gear
By Eric Njiru | Thu 17 May, 2018 13:56

Kenya's preparations for London 7s and Paris are in top gear with only two weeks left to the final two legs of the HSBC World Sevens Series

Kenya 7s is in it's second week of training after resuming last Thursday from a 10-day break that they had taken after Singapore 7s. 

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Head coach Innocent Simiyu 'Namcos' says the squad is "looking good, focus on getting back to our playing after the break. Trying to pick this week and we will take it down next week." 

Kenya 7s were out for a whole month where the competed at Hong Kong 7s, Commonwealth games and Singapore 7s.

"The outing was good," adds Namcos who says "always a challenge when you are out for a month there will always be mental strain to say but boys showed a lot of resilience and we managed to come out with some results." 

After reaching the final at Hong Kong 7s to bag 19 points, Kenya 7s was unable to contest for a medal at the Commonwealth games while at Singapore 7s they reached 5th place semis. 

"Unfortunately we didn't get a medal we wanted at the Commonwealth but we will review and hopefully in the next games we will be in a better position." 

Key focus

Namcos says execution will be better at London 7s where they play England, France and USA in a repeat of Singapore 7s pool. "Season has been interesting, we've played teams like France many times this season. We have the same rule per game like in Singapore. 

"The key thing is how to execute better, how do we improve on our game and that's what has been our key focus and hopefully we will be able to get good performance from the players." 

In December 2017, Namcos had set a target of 10 points per leg totaling to 100 at the end of the season but , with 93 points, the team is 13 ahead of the target after eight legs gone. 

With two legs to go, they can earn up to 44 points. "I think for us in terms of season we have a benchmark of 10 points per tournament which just gives us an indication of how the team is performing,"

"We can only review after we finish the season; our key target is to be able to perform better, more consistently in terms of our performance standards and hopefully if we can do that and get the results of either winning the tournament can be very good for us. I think that's our key target right now. The 100 points is just a benchmark for us on how the team is performing". 

The Kenya Sevens season will not end after Paris 7s as 2018 Sevens World Cup awaits them in the USA where they will open the global showpiece against Tonga in the pre-round of 16.

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