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Kenya 7s make final touches ahead of Olympics qualifiers
By Eric Njiru | Thu 07 Nov, 2019 12:18

Kenya 7s arrived in South Africa on Wednesday evening ahead of this weekend's Africa 7s that double up as 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualifiers in Jo'Burg. 

Shujaa had their captain's run at Bosman Stadium in Jo'burg on Thursday morning with assistant Coach Kevin Wambua overseeing the action.

Kenya 7s is set to play Ivory Coast in the first round of the 2019 Africa 7s Men’s tournament set for Friday November 8.

The 2019 Africa 7s takes a new format that will see teams start from qualifying rounds before proceeding to pooling based on merit.

If Kenya beats Ivory Coast, they’ll proceed to pool B as B1 while rivals Zimbabwe are likely to be in Pool A as A1 may they beat Nigeria.

Twelve teams will take part, as per current ranking: 1) Zimbabwe – 2) Kenya – 3) Uganda – 4) Madagascar –5) Zambia – 6) Tunisia - 7) Senegal - 8) Morocco – 9) Namibia – 10) Ghana – 11) Botswana –12) Mauritius – 13) Côte d’Ivoire – 14) Nigeria.

The tournament starts with qualifying matches for the second round as follows: 1 vs 14/2 vs. 13/3 vs 12/4 vs 11/5 vs. 10/6 vs 9/7 vs 8.

At the end of these seven matches, the seven winners, plus the best loser, will qualify for the "CHAMPIONSHIP" to play the 1 to 8 places in the tournament.

The other 6 teams will be making the TROPHY C and D pools for the ranking from 9 to 14; three teams per group.

The eight CHAMPIONSHIP teams will be divided into two pools: four teams in Pool A, and four teams in Pool B according to the 1st round ranking.

The winning team of the 2019 Africa Men's Sevens Tournament will qualify directly for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The two teams in second and third (2 and 3) place at the 2019 Africa Men’s Sevens Tournament will qualify for the Olympic repêchage tournament to be held in June 2020.

A total of 12 teams will be invited to this tournament and the top two teams will qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Top 2 teams from the 2019 Africa Men's Sevens Tournament which are not already part of the core teams of the World Series will qualify for the World Rugby Sevens Series qualifier tournament.

Africa 7s Fixtures Friday 8 November (SA time)
1.Zimbabwe vs Nigeria 9am
2.Kenya vs Ivory Coast 9.22am
3.Uganda vs Mauritius 9.44am
4.Madagascar vs Botswana 10.06am
5.Zambia vs Ghana 10.28am
6.Tunisia vs Namibia 10.50am
7.Senegal vs Morocco 11.12am

Pool A
(A1) Winner M1
(A2) Winner M4
(A3) Winner M5
(A4) Best Loser

Pool B
(B1) Winner M2
(B2) Winner M3
(B3) Winner M6
(B4) Winner M7

Pool C:

(C1) 9th
(C2) 12th
(C3) 13th

Pool D:
(D1) 10th
(D2) 11th
(D3) 14th

C1 vs C3 11.59am
D1 vs D3 12.21pm
A2 vs A3 12.43pm
A1 vs A4 13.05
B2 vs B3 13.27
B1 vs B4 13.49

C2 vs C3 2.41pm
D2 vs D3 3.03pm
A2 vs A4 3.25pm
A1 vs A3 3.47pm
B2 vs B4 4.09pm
B1 vs B3 4.31pm

Day 2, Saturday Nov 9
C1 vs C2 9.00am
D1 vs D2 9.22am
A3 vs A4 9.44am
A1 vs A2 10.06am
B3 vs B4 10.28am
B1 vs B2 10.50am

SF Trophy
C1 vs D2 11.32am
D1 vs C2 11.54am

13th Place
C3 vs D3 12.16pm

Cup Semis 
A1vs B2 12.38pm
B1 vs A2 1pm

5th Place
 A3 vs B3 1.44pm 

 7th Place
A4 vs B4 2.06pm

11th Place
Loser M26 vs Loser M27

9th Place
Winner M26 vs Winner M27

Bronze Final
Loser M29 vs Loser M30

Cup Final
Winner M29 vs Winner M30

-Tournament Manual derived from Rugby Afrique

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