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Kakamega High crowned East Africa 15s champions
By Raga House | Thu 22 Aug, 2019 17:07

Kakamega High were on Thursday crowned the East Africa 15s rugby champions after a 62-0 win over Ntaaare School of Uganda in the round robin tournament held in Tanzania.

Scoring 10 tries and two conversions on their way to the win, Kakamega saw Collins Indeche land a converted hattrick. 

Kakamega High lead the log with 25 points after five matches with Nairobi champions Dagoretti High sitting second at 20 points. They have scored 269 points so far and conceeding only 22. 

Uganda’s Namilyango are third with 18 points while both St.Mary’s Kisubi and Kangaroo School have 10 points. 

The Barbarians will finish with 30 points may they beat  Tanzanias Okeeswa on Friday. 

Table after Thursday’s matches
1.Kakamega High 25 points
2.Dagoretti High 20 points
3.Namilyango 18 points
4.St.Mary’s Kisubi 10 points
5.Kangaru School 10 points
6.Ntare 5 points
7.Okeeswa 0 points


St. Mary’s Kisubi (Ug) Vs Okeeswa (Tz)

Kakamega (Ke) 62-0 Ntare School (Ug)

Kangaru (Ke) Vs Namilyango College (Ug)

Namilyango College (Ug) 51-3 Ntare School (Ug)

Okeeswa (Tz) 0-63Dagoretti (Ke)

St. Mary’s Kisubi (Ug) 6-43 Kakamega (Ke)

Kakamega (Ke) 24-11 Namilyango College (Ug)

Kangaru (Ke) 66-0 Okeeswa (Tz)

Dagoretti (Ke) 53-0 St. Mary’s Kisubi (Ug)

Dagoretti (Ke) 5-32  Kakamega (Ke)

St. Mary’s Kisubi (Ug) 6-30 Kangaru (Ke)

Okeeswa (Tz) 0-31 Ntare School (Ug)

Namilyango College (Ug) 62- 00 Okeeswa(Tz)

 Ntare School(Ug) 03-31 St. Mary’s Kisubi (Ug)

Kangaru (Ke) 05- 32 Dagoretti (Ke)

Kakamega(Ke) 46-00 Kangaru (Ke)

Dagoretti (Ke) 60-00 Ntaare School (Ug)

St. Mary’s Kisubi (Ug) 05-15 Namilyango College (Ug)

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