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Kabras winger Ashiundu handed 9-week ban, 6-week ban for Songoi
By Eric Njiru | Wed 24 Mar, 2021 20:29

Kabras Sugar winger Derrick Ashiundu was on Tuesday handed a nine-week ban for recklessly tackling a player whose feet were off the ground, under World Rugby Laws Of The Game 9.17.

The incident occurred moments into the game between Kenya Harlequin and Kabras Sugar in Nairobi with the latter winning 43-5. 

“From the assistant referee’s and referee’s reports adduced before the judicial panel and as well from the video footage played during the hearing but was established that from a kick-off by Quins, Quins number 11 jumped to get the ball and before his feet could touch the ground, Kabras player number 14, Derrick Ashiundu, tackled the player causing the victim to land on his head first,” read the judicial panel report.

Ashiundu will start serving the ban immediately until the end of the 9 match weeks or 29th May 2021 according to the Kenya Cup rota. He will miss matches against Blak Blad(2), Nondies, Top Fry Nakuru, Menengai Oilers, KCB and Impala Saracens. 

He will be back for semis should Kabras Sugar reach that stage. He has 14 days to lodge an appeal. 

Kenya Cup further reports that Blak Blad’s Brian Songoi will serve a six-week ban following his red card during the 32-19 loss to KCB on Saturday 20 March 2021.

Songoi was charged under World Rugby Laws Of The Game 9.12 which states, ” a player must not physically abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to: biting, intentional contact with eye (s), reckless contact with eye (s), contact with eye area, punching or striking with hand or arm (including stiff-arm tackle), striking below the elbow, striking with the shoulder, striking with the head, striking with the knee, stamping or trampling, tripping, kicking.

His sanction takes place with immediate effect and runs until 2 May.

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