Kabras: Suspension of Okoth illegal and void ab initio
By Eric Njiru | Sun 12 Jan, 2020 17:44

Kabras Sugar has written to Kenya Rugby Union over the stalled transfer of Walter Okoth from Top Fry Nakuru to the 2016 Kenya Cup champions.

Kabras blames Nakuru for failing to release Okoth -who is allegedly suspended- as Wanyore are said to have asked for Ksh 1,000,000 for them to release the player.

The first expression of interest by Kabras was sent on 9th of December 2019.

Raga House, through a series of emails, understands Kabras Sugar want KRU Honorable Secretary in his Capacity as the Head of Disciplinary to declare that the suspension of Okoth in his capacity as a player Club was illegal and void ab initio and in breach of regulation 18 of the Kenya Rugby Union Regulations; and be expunged from all Kenya Rugby Union Records.

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After Nakuru failed to affect the transfer, Okoth went on to ask for de-registration that saw Kabras quote a fee of Kshs 50,000 as the player was ‘not contracted’ by the respondent Nakuru Rugby club. Kabras are banking on regulation 13.6.7 which states“A Player (other than a Contracted Player) may apply in writing to the Registrar to be de-registered from a Club. The Player must notify the Club of his application and confirm to the Registrar that he has notified the Club. The Player will cease to hold Effective Registration with the Club 7 days from the Registrar’s receipt of the application or such shorter period as the Registrar may determine”.

Kabras further wants the player be declared de-registered as per regulation 13.6.7, as his application was not challenged by Nakuru RFC within 7 days and the Kenya Rugby Union has further confirmed that the player is not contracted to the club, according to Kabras.

“By way of mandatory injunction directed at the Respondent Nakuru Rugby Club, the suspension of the Interested party Walter Okoth be revoked and lifted immediately and unconditionally”

Kabras also blames Nakuru for what they call “a history of breach of transfer regulations when dealing with various clubs and a declaration with a warning be issued to the respondent that their actions are bringing the game and Kenya Rugby Union to disrepute.”

Okoth’s move to Kabras didn’t happen as of the last day with Kenya Rugby Union publishing a list of 43 players who had moved. None to Kabras.

Okoth joined Nakuru at the age of 17 thus Nakuru not likely to let him go easily as they consider him ‘homegrown player’.

Nakuru lost Dalmus Chituyi and Geoffrey Ominde to Menengai Oilers on loan but acquired the services of Kelvin Kabole from Kabras, Teddy Amunga from Siaya RFC and Nakuru Kiti duo of John Theuri and Jackson Amunga.

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