Jawichre: Western Bulls are vulnerable away
By Eric Njiru | Wed 25 Apr, 2018 17:19

Catholic University's Simon Jawichre is backing Mean Machine to beat Western Bulls in the Championship semis on Saturday April 28, 2018 at UoN grounds.

Jawichre, who saw his side go out at the hands of Kisumu RFC at the quarters, told Raga House he sees Machine going through to the final and eventually gain Kenya Cup promotion.

"If it(the game) was in Western, Bulls would have won but in Nairobi it's very hard. Travelling Bulls are very vulnerable"

"They played a few days ago and it was decided by few points. The weather will have a major impact on the outcome of the day. They know how to play in the rain but not mud because they have a good pitch. Machine however know how to play in a rainy-muddy pitch."

The clash will come excatly 10 days after the two sides faced each other at Bull ring with Bulls winning 8-6. 

"Both teams were demoted from the Kenya Cup last season and this makes this clash spicey. I would put my money on Machine. I believe who starts scoring early will have the tail top," adds Jawichre. 

"Machine beat Oilers because they got things going from the start. Oilers were chasing the game in the second half with heads down and I assume they approach the semifinal like that."

"Machine disrespected USIU and that why they lost. Despite losing to Bulls few days ago, they have however worked out how to play them"

"I am not ruling out Bulls completely but I would give Machine 55 and Bulls 45. Weather will play a big role. I expect it to be an expansive game," concludes Jawichre.

The winner of the clash will face Menengai Oilers or Kisumu RFC in the final. 

"Both Kisumu and Oilers have formulas to beat each other but I still give it to Oilers. Kisumu are however looking good, we played them last weekend and indeed the cash from Silverstone has boosted them."

"Oilers beat Kisumu twice but both are doing research on how to win the game."

Menengai Oilers versus Kisumu RFC will be in Nakuru.

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