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Jack Okoth to bring back super series if elected
By Eric Njiru | Thu 22 Feb, 2018 15:00

Former Kenya Rugby Union CEO Jack Okoth has declared his interest in the position of Hon.Secretary ahead of the 2018 elections set for March.

Okoth told Raga House it is the right time he made a comeback to return ‘glory’ that has since been lost since his exit.

“It is the right time. When we transformed rugby, instead of focusing on the real issue, some people focused on fighting. I left the position of secretary and became CEO. They removed me because as I was unprotected because it’s not electable.”

Okoth, appointed as KRU CEO in early Nov 2013, was sacked by the Board in June 2014. A day later, chair Mwangi Muthee declared the sacking ‘misplaced and null and void!’ He still went out.

One thing he has promised to return when elected is the Super Series that was sponsored by Bamburi.

“They have killed Super series, Safari 7s, Kenya 7s is stuck and Kenya 15s going down. For Kenya 7s we want to be in the top four”

“I will bring back Super Series and it will be fulltime. Players will be contracted there, even if you are dropped from the national team you’ll be able to fall back to somewhere,” added Okoth who owns Stormers RFC, a Nairobi nationwide side.

“I have been quiet to give the office opportunity to do it right. We keep on losing sponsors; we’ve no idea of where we want to take our game. So many people have their lives depend on this game”.

“There is no vision or will. We want to be top but the things we are doing are not taking us anywhere. Running the office is about my legacy.”

Okoth will face incumbent Hon secretary Oduor Gangla who was elected into office in 2016.

“In the current situation I don’t have a choice; this game is big and can open doors to so many people. Three pillars have been messed now. Teams are struggling because they are not funding them”

“I am known to do miracles myself. I did two years but the transformation was great, mine goes beyond rugby,” concluded Okoth.

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