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Injera ready to rumble in Singapore
By Raga House | Wed 25 Apr, 2018 11:47

FOX Sports Asia sat down with Collins Injera, Danny Barrett, Kyle Brown and Dan Norton as they prepare to rumble at the 2018 HSBC Singapore Sevens.

It’s three days to go to the HSBC Singapore Sevens, and they caught up with four of the biggest stars of the game on how they are preparing for this weekend’s highly-anticipated tournament, and more importantly where are their favourite places to go in Singapore.

Collins Injera has been a mainstay of the HSBC Sevens series for more than a decade, having been on the circult since 2006, and the now 31-year-old is seen as one of the great statesmen of the game not only around the world, but more importantly at home in Kenya

Danny Barrett is the bulldozer of the USA Eagles and a tough uncompromising player on the field and a real gentleman off it. He provides the bash to the flash from teammate Parry Baker.

Kyle Brown has captained South Africa on numerous occasions and like Injera is seen as one of the more established names on the circuit. He has won a Commonwealth Games gold medal and a bronze medal at the Olympic Games

Dan Norton is a real superstar of the game for his team England, and his flashy skills on the wing and sheer speed has thrilled everyone from Dubai to Singapore.

How is the Prep for the Singapore 7s coming along?

CI : Being on tour for more than three weeks is always a challenge I think for us it is the same group of players from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast to Singapore. We are certainly focusing on our recovery for this week.  Singapore is always special to us being the first tournament that we have won in 2016. Coming here is always nice as we have good memories and a good vibe within the team. We hope that the weather remains hot and humid and it will favour us best.

DB: Hong Kong was not perfect, and it was a chance wasted with some of the teams not bringing in their first choice sides and we were unlucky not to get through. I think getting home and being able to sleep in own beds for a couple of days was definitely good for us. Important for us to get home and see our family and friends and get a rest. In Singapore we want to get out of a tough pool especially with Kenya being the form team of late will be a challenge.

KB: We had a few quiet days after our return from Australia, took some time off which is important for us to be fresh. Coming to the end of the season we need to be ready and the players are already fit as it is and therefore it is important to keep them focused and sharp mentally. We have a young squad who played well on the biggest stage in Hong Kong. Was inspiring to see how they played and it is refreshing to have a bunch of new talents coming into the squad. They are keen to learn and want to do well in Singapore and will be my pleasure to lead them.

DN: We sent a younger team to Hong Kong as we were preparing for the Commonwealth Games which was an amazing experience. For us, we had a week in Brisbane before the games and then joining up with the bigger team England and to come away with a medal was a special feeling with this group of guys. We are looking to improve and keep moving forward and get the right side of a few scores and end the season on a high.

Memorable off-field experience in Singapore

CI:  First time going to Sentosa Island – how lovely it is and I have never seen anything like it!

DB: Sentosa Island is memorable for me as I had to jump off a 50m platform and I hate heights!

KB:  I found The Populus Cafe four years ago and it is my absolute favourite getaway when I am in Singapore.

DN:  I really just enjoy the culture, food and coffee in Singapore. Catching up with old friends is always special here and the fans love Rugby 7s here and it is great to play in front of a crowd that cheers for us and enjoys it.

-Fox Sports 

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