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Impala coaches attend Saracens global conference
By Eric Njiru | Wed 23 Aug, 2017 06:14

Impala Saracens head coach Frank Ndong and backs coach Oscar Osir are attending the 2nd Saracens global network conference in London that kicked-off last Sunday.

The conference will run for one week until Saturday, August 26, 2017, a statement from the club said.

The conference which brings together the Saracens in the UK, Abu Dhabi Saracens, Kuala Lumpur Saracens, Lelo Saracens in Georgia, VVA Saracens in Georgia, Toa Saracens in Tonga, Sao Paulo Saracens in Brazil, Timisoara Saracens in Romania and Seattle Saracens in the US, will cover a range of topics which are very important in developing the sport. These topics include: Coaching, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Cultivating team culture, enabling social change, community rugby, team psychology & developing commercial prospects within clubs

While in the UK, Ndong’ & Osir will also attend some Saracens pre-season matches. 

This conference is part of the benefits Impala gains as a member of the Saracens Global Network among other technical and commercial initiatives that the partnership has so far delivered.

Ndong’ will be attending this conference for the second time. Last year, he attended this insight filled conference with Resolution Impala Saracens Strength & Conditioning Coach – Mike Owino.

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