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Four players suspended ahead of Christie 7s
By Eric Njiru | Wed 28 Aug, 2019 13:18

Four players have been suspended by Kenya Rugby Union ahead of the fourth leg of Stanbic 7s, Christie 7s set for Sat Aug 31, 2019 at RFUEA Grounds in Nairobi.

They are Nobert Lumwani of MMUST, Kabras Sugar’s Kelvin Kabole, Kisumu’s Brian Bango and Fidel Oloo of Nondies.

Oloo is suspended for 4 weeks translated to four games during the 7s circuit commencing immediately for tackling a player above the line of the shoulder.

According to the disciplinary sheet released by KRU, Oloo committed the offence at Prinsloo 7s against Kenya Harlequin.

Kabole is accused of lifting an opponent off the ground and driving him to the ground head first as per regulation 9.18 of World Cup and thus getting 5 weeks of suspension.

Lumbwani, who also lifted an opponent off the ground and drove him to the ground head frst against Egerton, is suspended for 6 weeks translating to 6 games at the 7s circuit.

Kisumu Bango, tackled a Citam Kisumu RFC player with his arm around the neck and intentionally threw away the ball. He also get a five-week suspension translating to five matches at the sevens circuit.

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