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Driftwood 7s Age Grade order of play
By Eric Njiru | Thu 31 Aug, 2017 18:48

The Kenya Rugby Union has released the fixtures of Driftwood 7s' Age Grade tournament. 

The tourney has been stratified into U10, U12 and U14 in the boys category and will also feature 2 exhibition matches for the girls.
The tournament will kick off at 8:am in both pitch A and B and ends at 9:48am to pave way for divisions 1and 2. 

Taking part in the U10 category will be Buxton A, Buxton B and Likoni. Likoni and Toto Africa will square out in the U12 category while four sides willl face off in the U14 category (Buxton A, B, Toto Africa and Likoni). 

KRU Age Grade and Women’s Rugby Co-ordinator Nicholas Aballa said, “ We are excited to have the  youngsters engage in the game at this tournament and do hope that they benefit from the experience and exposure.”

The two girls exhibition matches will be played before the third round of matches in pitch A.

8:00am Buxton A U10 vs Likoni U 10 
8:00am Likoni U12 vs Toto Africa U12 

8:18am Buxton B U10 vs Likoni U10
8:18am Buxton A U14 vs Toto Africa U14
8:36am Buxton A U10 vs Buxton B U10
8:36am Buxton B U14 vs Likoni U14
8:54am Likoni U10 vs Buxton B U10
8:54am Buxton A U14 vs Likoni U14 U14
9:12am Buxton B U14vs Toto Africa U14 

9:30am Buxton A U14 vs Buxton B U14
9:30am Likoni U14 vs Toto Africa U14 

Girls U19 exhibition
(two matches in pitch A at 2:48 and 3:06pm)

Story by Dennis Gatuha

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