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Dilemma that is Kenya Cup transfer window
By Eric Njiru | Thu 20 Jul, 2017 13:20

Kenya Rugby Union stakeholders will meet at the RFUEA grounds on Saturday July 22 to deliberate fixtures for the 2017/18 season.

One of the expected hot topics of the day will be transfers ahead of the new season.

Some clubs argue that transfers should be carried before sevens circuit while Union remains adamant that, according to the rule, transfers will be completed after sevens circuit. Already some players have moved to new teams.

When contacted, Kenya Rugby Union vice-chairman Thomas Opiyo said: “season begins with the 15s season with the transfer beginning at the end of sevens circuit and end two weeks to the league.”

In 2016 a number of players were able to transfer immediately after Kenya Cup and went ahead to take part in Sevens circuit.

National Sevens circuit begins on Saturday September 2 to October 21. The dilemma is that the Sevens circuit has been pushed forward by more than a month when most teams had planned to sign new players and start preparing them for the league, at least two months prior.

Raga House learns that several letters have been sent to the Union by clubs who are demanding for an immediate opening of the transfer window.

Opiyo adds that he will inform the stakeholders that this season’s transfer window will be shorter due to the unavoidable circumstances that have seen sevens circuit pushed forward.

KRU regulation 13 says transfers must be completed two weeks to the regular season. With Sevens ending late in October, Kenya Cup is expected to start sometime in November meaning clubs will have less than four weeks to complete transfers and get ready for a new campaign.

Some argue that the window does not give transferring players enough time to work and familiarize themselves with their new teams.

Will the transfer window be extended into the new season? What will happen to the already 'transferred' players? How can the Union avoid this in future? All this awaits the stakeholders. 

Eric Njiru
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