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Christie 7s match officials
By Raga House | Thu 29 Aug, 2019 11:46

10 referees will officiate division one of the Christie 7s, the fifth leg of the 2019 Stanbic 7s set for Saturday, August 31 and Sep 1 at RFUEA Grounds in Nairobi, the home of Kenya Harlequin.

According to Kenya Rugby Union, 12 more officials will take charge of Div II to be played at Impala Club with four technical zone officials, six coach match officials and two sideline managers named.

"The Kenya Rugby Referees Association has appointed 34 match officials to be on #Christie7s duty on the 31st August and 1st September at the RFUEA Grounds," said KRU. 

The officials include Victor Oduor, Emmanuel Marete, Linus Kinuthia, Peter Leo, Noreen liyosi, Innocent Kimathi and Moses Ndungu in Div 1 while Nobert Bonyi, David Ngetich and Mercy Dudi are among other named for div II duties. 

Division One
1. Noreen Liyosi
2. Innocent Kimathi
3. Vincent Muiruri
4. Duncan Kioko
5. Joseph Mumo
6. Victor Oduor
7. Emmanuel Marete
8. Linus Kinuthia
9. Moses Ndungu
10. Peter Leo

Division Two
1. Said Kenya
2. Nobert Bonyi
3. Protus Omusayu
4. Mercy Dudi
5. Brian Nyambeki
6. Rodgers Kimathi
7. Ian murithi
8. Kevin Wambugu
9. Job Maweu
10. Brian Ashioya
11. Mary Mathiora
12. David Ngetich

Technical Zone Officials
1. Maureen Ambani
2. Derrick Mutiso
3. Michael Mutungi
4. Brian Ndungu

Coach Match Officials
1. Damas Ogwe
2. Paul Weloba
3. David Muinde
4. JJ Masime
5. Esther Karanja
6. Henry Barasa

Sideline Managers
1. Edgar Ombatti
2. Collins Nabiswa

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