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Championship qualifiers schedule
By Eric Njiru | Sat 29 Feb, 2020 18:21


2020 Overall Ranking

1.Shamas Rugby  (Nairobi 1)

2.Kitale RFC (Riftvalley 1 )

3.Kabarak University (Rift Valley 2)

4.Maseno University (Western 1)

5.Daystar Falcons (Nairobi 2)

6.Technical University Of Mombasa (Coast 1)

7.JKUAT (Central 1)

8.Citam Kisumu (Western 2)

14th March 2020

Quarter Finals

1.Rank 1(Shamas Rugby )  vs Rank 8 (Maseno)

2.Rank 2 (Kitale RFC )vs Rank 7 (JKUAT)

3.Rank 3  (Kabarak University)vs Rank 6 (TUM Marines)

4.Rank 4 (Citam Kisumu) vs Rank 5 (Daystar Falcons)

21st March


1.Winner Q1 vs Winner Q4

2.Winner Q2 vs Winner Q3

28th March


Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2


Nairobi Region Finals
Shamas Foundation vs Daystar Falcons 28-25

Central Region Finals
JKUAT vs Embu RFC 17-5

Rift Valley Finals
Kitale vs Kabarak University 30-9

Western Finals
Maseno University vs Citam Kisumu 10-15

Coast Finals
TUM vs Malindi RFC 52-0

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