S Action between Strathmore Leos and Northern Suburbs
Championship playoffs to kick-off new season
By Eric Njiru | Tue 01 Dec, 2020 12:31

KRU Championship promotion playoffs are set to kick-start the new season in January 2021 or when it's safe to do so, KRU Chairman Oduor Gangla said late last week.

Kenya Rugby Union hopes to have rugby resume on Saturday, January 16, 2021, with KRU Championship. Only two matches will be played to determine the two finalists who will be promoted to the Kenya Cup. No winner will be determined thus no need to play the cup final.

Strathmore Leos won the regular season on 76 points to book a home semifinal against either USIU or Northern Suburbs while MMUST finished second on 67 to book either Mean Machine or Egerton Wasps in semis.

Gangla revealed the plans on Thursday last week at RFUEA at the unveiling of Mediamax as the official broadcast for the next five years.

Semifinal winners will replace Western Bulls and Kisumu RFC who relegated from Kenya Cup.

Championship playoffs:
Mean Machine vs Egerton Wasps
USIU vs Northern Suburbs

Championship semis:
Strathmore Leos vs (USIU vs Northern Suburbs)
MMUST vs (Mean Machine vs Egerton Wasps)

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