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Cardovillis: We should do better against Blad
By Eric Njiru | Tue 12 Feb, 2019 14:15

Kenya Harlequin head coach Charles Cardovillis says they must work on ‘decision making’ and ‘game management’ if they are to beat Blak Blad in the 10th round of the 2018/19 Kenya Cup on Sat Feb 16 at Kenyatta University.

Quins fell 3-21 to Kabras Sugar last Saturday at home with Cardovillis saying he was frustrated they couldn’t make key decisions.

“It was a game of missed chances,” Cardovillis said after the defeat. “They(Kabras) capitalized on our mistakes. It was a good contest and the neutral enjoyed it.”

“Too many mistakes from our end and when you are playing a side with the quality of Kabras they will capitalize on your mistakes and punish you.”

Quins failed to land a try for the first time this season. Two forward passes and a knock-on in promising areas are things Cardovillis says they must work on.

“That’s something that really annoyed me and especially sort of senior players didn’t turn up for the party. Our backline was flat, I mean we played 10 to 15 minutes and we didn’t see them again, they were just all over the place.”

“That’ something we just need to work on and tweak but then again kudos to Kabras they put up a good show and for us there is still a long way to go in the league so we just back to the drawing board as we prepare for Blad.”

Cardovillis watches Blad lose 13-26 to Mwamba just before his game and maintains that such mistakes committed against Kabras can cause problems at Kenyatta University.

“Blad are all over the place; they are really energetic. It was up and down sort of game. They can be a really customer and especially when we are playing at KU where they play with their tales high.”

“We just have to look at it, control the first sets of the play and play much than we did against Kabras because if we come up with such mistakes even a team like Blad can punish you.”

“Decision making especially when we were in the red zone attacking Kabras failed us. We had Kabras so many times on their try-line that we just failed to capitalize. Our decision making was really poor and game management at that situation so that’s something we will be addressing.”

The defeat to Kabras left Quins still at third place with 31 points but the gap between them and KCB was increased to nine points and on the other side Nondies closed to just three.

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