'Big Wheels' ready to fire again
By Eric Njiru | Tue 21 Nov, 2017 15:43

Kenya Sevens international Oscar Ouma aka Big Wheels is delighted to be fully fit for the World Sevens Series that kicks-off in December with Dubai 7s.

The dependable ´Big Wheels´ was a big miss last season as he had a recurring injury but that has since recovered in time for the series.

“We are really prepared because we’ve had constant pre-season, 14 weeks working on areas that we didn’t perform very well. I believe everyone is prepared for the new season.”

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“According to how guys have trained, anyone who is going to be in the set up can go play and represent the country. Everyone has shown their potential and can play in any tournament or even the World Cup.”

Ouma played for his club Top Fry Nakuru during the national sevens circuit and will be a big boost for head coach Innocent Simiyu who is taking charge for the second season.

“Guys are blending in quite well because the old guys are learning from the young guys and vice versa. It’s quite a good blend because we are sharing experiences; there are things we know and they don’t know and they can also correct us on matters we don’t understand.”

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Ouma is looking forward to having consistent results from the team unlike in 2016/17 season. This season they will also head to Gold Coast for Commonwealth Games and San Francisco for Sevens World Cup.

“Everything with the inconsistency had to come down to our conditioning and I believe with how we have worked in this pre-season and conditioning phase, everyone will be at par so even if first guys and one gets injured there won’t be many changes.”

“Once the team gels and they are on the same page things go smoothly. We’ve been together for like 14 weeks, right now it’s more of a family not just a bunch of players. We had a 10-day camp in Nanyuki where guys got to interact with each other so it’s a bit good because you get to know each other better. From the local circuit we are different players but here we are like a family so we build on that,” concluded Ouma.

Kenya 7s leaves early next week for Dubai 7s.

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