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Africa 7s: Champ Uganda lands Zimbabwe in semis
By Patrick Korir | Sun 14 Oct, 2018 13:29

Four unbeaten teams at the ongoing Africa Men's Sevens at the Jemmal Stadium in Monatsir, Tunisia  - Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Madagascar all qualified for the semis after respective quarterfinal wins on Sunday 14 October.

First to qualify for the last four was Kenya who went past an improved Zambia 33-7. They face Madagascar who made it to the semis with a 33-10 beating of Morocco in the last quarterfinal game.

Champions Uganda stayed the course as they seek a third straight title after going past hosts Tunisia 14-10 in the second quartfinal. The home team twice responded with tries of their own and will have to rue missed conversions that could have added suspense to the game.

Zimbabwe won the third game of the day with a 19-0 win over Senegal to book Uganda in the semis in what will be a repeat of last year's Africa Cup final in Kampala. Uganda won it 10-7 to retain their 2016 title. 

Losers from the cup quarters drop down to the plate. Zambia will face if with Morocco as Tunisia square it out with Senegal. 

Fixtures & Results - Sunday 14 October

Cup quarters

Kenya 33 Zambia 7

Uganda 14 Tunisia 10

Zimbabwe 19 Senegal 0

Madagascar 28 Morocco 10

Placement games - 9th- 12th semis

Namibia Vs Botswana 1.30pm

Ghana Vs Mauritius 1.52pm

5th-8th semis

Zambia Vs Morocco 2.14pm

Tunisia Vs Senegal 2.36pm

Cup semis

Kenya Vs Madagascar 2.52pm

Uganda Vs Zimbabwe 3.20pm


11th/12th ranking 4.02pn

Bowl final 4.24pm

7th/8th final 4.46pm

Plate final 5.08pm

Bronze final 5.30pm

Main Cup final 5.52pm

Broadcast info 

Watch Live on YouTube and on Kwese Free Sports:

Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUCs3bS6-DI

Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8kNBuJCy8E

Africa 7s Pool

Pool A: Kenya, Morocco, Botswana

Pool B: Uganda, Senegal, Ghana

Pool C: Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Mauritius

Pool D: Madagascar, Namibia, Zambia

Fixtures & results - Saturday 13 October, 2018

A             Kenya 49 Botswana 0 

B             Uganda 45 Ghana 0

C             Zimbabwe 34 Mauritius 0

D             Madagascar 26 Namibia 19


A             Morocco 24 Botswana 0   

B             Senegal 24 Ghana 12

C             Tunisia 31 Mauritius 10

D             Zambia 28 Namibia 7


A             Kenya 41 Morocco 0

B             Uganda 31 Senegal 0        

C             Zimbabwe v Tunisia 26-5

D             Madagascar v Zambia 19-12

Patrick Korir
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