Kenya Cup round 14 & Vanessa's thoughts
By Crispaus Onkoba | Fri 04 Mar, 2016 12:03
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.Kenya cup round 14 beckons, just a couple hours away & your favorite team will be taking on someone’s favorite. That aside, the Kenya Shujaaz are in the city of lights, Las Vegas, for the fifth round of the HSBC World Sevens Series…. Before we delve into current matters,
lets take a look down at week 13 of the Kenya cup, (read Kenya cup round 13 & similar stories), as it unfolded.


Just like the anticipation to bind in this scrum, Kenya cup is hotting up for the play offs real good…

Week 13 recap

Menengai Cream Homeboyz(8th) danced to the wrong beat, yet again, when they clashed with Strathmore Leos(4th).Barely a few days after they were trounced by the same team, albeit by a slim margin. This time, it was much slimmer but costly, 26-25 was the loss… the only speck in my prediction list for the same weekend. The improved form of W’Bulls(10th) was not sufficient to cage the KCB (2nd) as they went down 36-8, contrary to an earlier deadlock in round 6.

Mwamba RFC(6th), Kenya Harlequins(3rd) and Top Fry Nakuru(5th) collected  wins in their respective matches: 31-8 against Thika(12th) for Mwamba, 45-12 against M’Machine(13th) for Quins and 110-15 for Wanyore against Bungoma Sharks(14th). Impala(1) and Kabras(7th) went on with the rampage against Blakblad(11th) and Nondies(9th) scooping 81-0 & 47-8 wins respectively… hii Nondies nikama inafifia.

Week 14 preview and prediction

This week I engaged Kenya Harlequins staunch enthusiast and loyal fanatic of the game ( I’m guessing she plays too) & sort to compare notes on the Kenya Cup round 14.

Guys meet Vanessa, I call her Quin… for obvious reasons.


Vanessa taking a view from the sidelines…

She delved into the round 14 fixtures and picked out 4 match bangers for the weekend that are derbies and lay down her two cents…

The Derbies…


Strathmore Leos vs KCB

Vanessa: Another weekend cracker at the same venue as the Kabras-Impala one. What a time to be alive. KCB lie 2nd and Leos 4th. This is a hard game to predict.Leos go into this game confident, having beaten HBR in their previous fixture. Twice. I believe the confidence will be carried forward into this fixture but it will take a lot more than that. KCB , come into this game with an emphatic win down in kakamega against the Bulls. This is something that, winning in Kakamega, is deemed impossible to us rugby fans. Hehe.. So for this fixture I leave it to the gods.

My thought: Leos lie 4th and KCB lie 2nd, I don’t think the Bankers are ready to relinquish their position at second on the log, they will head into this game with a full tool box and a spare one if need be, +5 to KCB

Resolutions Saracens Impala vs Kabras Sugar

Vanessa: This, to me is the game of the weekend. Impala being top of the league and Kabras in their top most form. This is going to be a very interesting and pacey game. My favorites in this game will be Kabras- simply because of their recent showcases and their phenomenal forwards, I don’t think injuries will cost them. Impala on the other hand will not make this easy for them. +5 to Kabras.

My thoughts: Impala have proved imperious in more than one occasion with the only recent scare they had was in round 10 against Homeboyz, they closed the day victorious 32-29. Kabras Sugar is now their stumbling block for days on end but we all know they pretty know how to work their way up the hill. Sorry Vanessa but i think Impala will walk away with a +8 win.

Western Bulls vs Menengai Cream Homeboyz

Vanessa: This is quite the derby! HBR dropped to 8th and Bulls lie 10th. This is not where both teams expected to be, but you know, things happen. Both teams go into this fixture coming from a loss last weekend to Leos and KCB respectively, I already feel the tensed atmosphere in this game. I don’t have a favorite here.. I will leave it to the gods of rugby as well.

My thoughts: The Deejays are now a bitter, wounded lot after picking up three losses in succession. But that may soon end as they head to the Sugar belt town to even the record against a rather resurgent Echulusi side. The latter, although they didnt win last week’s game against KCB are still a threat. But the the Deejays wouldn’t cross counties and head back with no win… +8 to HBR.

Top Fry Nakuru vs Mwamba RFC

Vanessa: Playing down at that valley is no jokes. Coming from a Kenya Harlequins fan, believe you me… That loss to Kabras, (refer here),did something tremendous to the Wanyore side. Mwamba will not take this fixture lightly and will put up the fight to win this and beat the odds. My favorite in this game is Wanyore, because they play at home and their fans are something else haha… Wanyore +10.


The Suguta Valley action

My thoughts: I agree with Vanessa, the fans at NAC are quite the crowd you would wish for your team, and that has always played a major role for Nakuru’s victories at home turf. Top Fry picked up their form and got back to winning ways, but so did Mwamba. But the latter is always of the sweet-sour type of show… one day they disappoint the next they surprise you…  I wouldn’t write them off but you know rugby in Suguta is always tough. With Vanessa on this one,

+10 Nakuru


One Sided affair…

These are those matches that start with everything falling in place and in favor of one team… Vanessa didn’t take part in predicting this one due to the ease at bay.

Blakblad vs Nondescripts

Nondies will run away with the point being the superior team of the two, Blad are still sore with the 81-0 dubbing last week from Impala. +10 Nondies

Bungoma Sharks vs Kenya Harlequins

Vanessa could only wish for a greater margin win for her beloved Kenya Harlequins: Being a Harlequins fan, I will not leave out my club. They travel down to Bungoma to face the sharks. This is a fixture in which Quins need to go all out and gather maximum points. I’m hoping they beat the HBR scoreline of 143-0.

Thika Millars RFC vs Mean Machine

This match is fairly lying on both sides; as a derby and a one-sided affair. The Millars are the weaker of the two by virtue of past performance and current league standings, but both teams being on the receiving end of the log, I say, it will be a lit up match and in the end Mean Machine will brag about it… +10 to Machine.

Kenya 7s in Las Vegas this weekend..

On matters Shujaaz, our Quin was modest on giving her honest opinion of the team and their performance so far… she gives them a score of 5 out 7- Folks s lets not ask why the scale is on 1-7 and not to 10…. it’s the bloody 7s season!


Enter a caption

On a scale of 1-7, what would you give the Kenya 7s

Vanessa: I am very excited about the upcoming legs in Vegas and Vancouver. Seeing that Sammy Oliech earned a call up and Ombachi back, I see a very exciting two weekends for us Kenyan Rugby fans and a good outing for our players. I’m sure I am not the only one excited. Plus, it’s Vegas, where Kenyan fans dominate. And we all know what part fans play!

On a scale of 1-7, I’d rate the whole technical and performance aspect of the team as a 5. I can not be the only one who has noticed a certain change in the 7s docket, compared to previous seasons. The players are happy, and as fans we are happy. As a result, the performance is paying off. I rate the team highly and I doubt there’s a team I can rate at 7.

There you go folks, the Kenya cup round 14 preview , credits to Vanessa Okara for the time sacrificed to share your thoughts, thank you Quin.

P.S: We feature former Kenya Sevens coach Vuyo Zangqa in our next post (Next week) do make sure to read.

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