Blog: Kenya Cup round 16- The 21st
By Crispaus Onkoba | Sat 19 Mar, 2016 12:05
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Finally brethren, we are only three weekends shy off the play offs berth of the Kenya Cup, and to cap that I realized it’s my 21st piece of sentiments & predictions on our elite Rugby cup… 21 clean ones! Considering I never thought I will get this far, it’s a special feeling of fulfillment to have typed my road this far.

It’s my 21st post! Cheers to THAT!

Along with my minute achievement, I would love to appreciate the Kenya 7s through the bashing and banter we at times give these chaps; they don that jersey with all the pride there is and take in all the hits and gritty tackles on behalf of the 40 million (plus) jeshi back home.

Not to either defend them for the dismal display in Vancouver or praise them though, but things are really different for the angry fanatic at the stands with his bites and booze, or at the living room with coffee, from what the players experience at the turf… 14 minutes of shear blistering action; running, tackling, panting, emotions and all… victory wouldn’t come easy…. still Kenya 7s:

He who wills it more will receive it – If Kenya 7s were the thirstier ones for wins in our matches we will surely win them

‘End of an era, to new beginnings’

This week, the AGM at the Kenya Rugby Union went down smoothly with the affiliated clubs electing their new directors.

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Important to note that whoever went in and whoever went out of the ban, it was all for the best interest of the game and I fancy the decorum that was practiced throughout the process, a big thank you to all the participants.

Thomas Opiyo , it’s a rough sea out their- never worked at the union, but considering what clouded Philip Jalang’o, I can tell, things are tight- Oduor Gangla, John Kilonzo & Moses Ndale well done for your respective victories. With all the goodwill from my end I wish you gentlemen a good reign free of qualms.

With the new directors in office things might be looking up for the rugby fraternity, for more on the same, click here.

Kenya Cup week 16

Last week I managed a first clean sheet of predictions.. 7/7 matches full time scores were in favor of what I had mentioned here. Coach Vuyo Zangqa though failed up on one of his, after the able Impala pulled the mechanics on KCB to win 19-15; but that’s human.

Quick through the week 15 preview, Western Bulls (9th) beat Bungoma Sharks (14th) 51-0 to remain a point above embattled Nondies (10th). The latter, Nondies, lost 43-0 to 6th placed Strathmore Leos; 4th placed Nakuru saw off Thika RFC 67-5 while Homeboyz (5th) dubbed Blakblad (11th) 48-12.

Heading to week 16 the fate of most games has already been sealed with the battle for switching positions circumventing a cluster of teams; depending on the results at close of business the top 4 might switch positions. Some shifting is also bound to happen at mid table looking at the fixtures with teams shy off one another an average of 3 points. The battle though is at position 9 to 12 with teams trying to finish off on a strong note- these teams are off one another by a point.

Resolution Impala Saracens vs Blakblad (+20 Impala)

Impala host the students, and definitely, to collect the much needed points to stay clear of Quins who are breathing at their necks. Last the two met was in round 13 and the Saracens did a good job to stamp a 81-0 win.

Blakblad are stuck at 11th despite their victory over Nondies in round 14 and how unlucky are they as they face Impala.

KCB Rugby vs Menengai Cream Homeboyz (+5 to KCB)

The only derby this weekend, I must say, the Bankers are just 4 points shy of Quins and are seated a position ahead of Homeboyz. The two clashed in Round 9 - read round 9 preview here – with the end results in favor of the Deejays.

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Homeboyz at 6th would really look up to defend their bragging rights as well as elevate their positions on the standings.

This fixture is a hard one to predict but my instincts are that, the Bankers hardly go down twice.

Kenya Harlequins vs Western Bulls (+8 Quins)

Vanessa’s team host the Western Bulls and will highly wish Impala foils against Blad, but we all know that is near to impossible. They will win against Bulls, that’s certain too, unless Echulusi put the boot they showcased again KCB some rounds back and share the spoils- or even better this time stage an upset.

You don’t know Vanessa?! Read this Kenya Cup round 14 & Vanessa’s thoughts.

Strathmore Leos vs Thika RFC; Mwamba RFC vs Mean Machine; Top Fry Nakuru vs Bungoma Sharks.

I had to cluster these three matches; the winning tides are clearly in favor of three teams.

Strathmore, Mwamba RFC and Top Fry Nakuru will have themselves to blame if at all they lose in their fixtures. I expect a score of +20 in all the matches, anything less I will have lost this predictions.

On the side shows

The great season of the 10-A-Side rugby is back and ticking us off is the annual Great Rift 10-A-Side happening in the beautiful town of Nakuru, or if you please NaxVegas.

Happening this Easter!

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It will be a great Easter plan, so start gearing up and come down to the Rift Valley… try to find out why we call it Suguta valley!


Crispaus Onkoba
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